Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit Review

DSC00491bYou can call this the most long overdue post in the history of MGD or the review of my Sigma Mrs. Bunny Essential Brush Kit! I received these for Christmas and I’ve been in love since the very first use. As a good blogger, I took pictures immediately before I even let them touch my face, but unfortunately they ended up in some rando folder. Alas, they’ve been found and the review is happening. Read on.
DSC00489bThe Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit is an adorable set of 12 Vegan Friendly brushes in a perfect travel tube that are made with Sigma’s famous Sigmax HD which besides the look of the brushes was the biggest selling point for me. They’re made to flawlessly apply both powder AND cream products with ease. I’ve never been one to shell out money on expensive makeup brushes, but I realized that if I’m spending the money on expensive makeup, I need to buy brushes that make those products look amazing. I’m SO glad I did because it changed the way my makeup looked because of how these brushes picked up and distributed product on my face and eyes. They make everything so blended and smooth. They’re SO worth it.
DSC00490bDuo Fibre F50, Large Powder F30, Large Angled Contour F40,  Foundation F60, Large Shader E60, Tapered Blending E40, Medium Angled Shading E70, Eye Shading E55, Concealer F70, Pencil E30, Eyeliner E05, Small Angle E65

I was really worried that they wouldn’t look or work as well after the first or second or even 50th wash and they did! They still work just as well today as they did back in December! I use them everyday and travel with them and honestly they’re worth every penny and for the price PER brush, they’re way less expensive than other high end brands such as MAC or Bobbi Brown.

DSC00492bAs you can see if you check out the Sigma brushes now, these have pink ferrules and the new version has the sleek slilver!! If you’re looking for makeup brushes, definitely check out this set or the travel version of Mrs. Bunny! They’re also available in the Mr. Bunny which has black handles. Plus, any Sigma Beauty purchase over $30 qualifies you for a free gift if you use that link or click through the link on my sidebar!! :)

Dan xx

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Beauty Rave: thePinkPanel

I received free samples from thePinkPanel through Brand Backer and as always I only review products that line up with my blog’s focus and what I feel like my readers would be interested in. :)


Do you ladies love beauty products? Do you love free stuff? Yes and yes? Then thePinkPanel is absolutely for you! The Pink Panel is a beauty, makeup, and skin care focused consumer panel where you get to try the latest and greatest products available! I received my first samples of products recently and I’m in love!


It was packaged in the cutest pink pouch with nail and hand themed products. There’s the Kiss Nail Dress in Corset, which is the most fun neon polka dot print that I’ll be using as an accent nail. These are similar to the Sally Hansen, but they last longer and can be used for both your nails and your toes! Also, a Julep Everyday SPF 30 Hand Cream, was included. It’s very hydrating and the SPF is perfect to protect one of the most exposed parts of your body from the sun! The last and my most favorite product that was included was a nail polish specifically made for the thePinkPanel called Nail tini. It was completely opaque and smooth in one coat and was such a great formula. Plus it was the most perfect PINK!

Photo Jun 13, 10 01 43 AM

So now that I’ve got you hooked and interested in thePinkPanel, you wanna know how to join up to:

  • Test the latest beauty products.
  • Enter drawings and giveaways for products and giftcards.
  • Chat with other lovelies like yourself about everything beauty, makeup, and skin related!

Head over to thePinkPanel and sign up to be a member to start entering giveaways and doing surveys to qualify to try free products asap! :)  When you fill out the form to sign up, there will be a question about where you heard about thePinkPanel, please choose Other Website/Blog, and then in the next question when it asks about what website/blog, please type: :) I’d greatly appreciate it!!

If you have any other questions about thePinkPanel, please post them in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer them! :)

Dan xx

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Friday Favorite on Tueday: BA STAR Smoky Eyeshadow Palette


I’m excited to share last week’s Friday Favorite as this great eyeshadow/highlight palette and this great makeup brand, BA Star. Before I get into the review and swatches, does anyone remember that Lindsay Lohan (pre blonde/drug days) and Tyra Bank’s movie, LifeSize, and there was that song Shine bright, shine far, don’t be shy, be a star!!? The name of this brand totally reminded me of that. haha. I received this sample shadow palette to review and please remember I do not offer anything less than 100% honesty in a review and only on products I feel are applicable to my blog. :) BA Star is one of the top makeup and beauty brands for Dancers, Cheerleaders, and Entertainers. Their brand is affordable and great for not only performers, but for the everyday girl especially with their new Smoky Eye Eyeshadow Palettes. They’re available for $8.75 retail (keep reading for a 50% off code!!) and in four different color combinations: Smoky, Natural, Pretty N Pink, & True Blue! I received the Natural one which was perfect for me and my taste in makeup.


Each palette is made up of five shades: 3 highly pigmented, long wearing mineral eyeshadows and 2 glitter highlighting gels. There’s also a double ended mini brush and applicator for use on the go if you’re in a pinch.


The palette is a sturdy plastic and perfect for travel which obviously makes it ideal for a performance situation.


bronze and cocoa


cocoa, nude, and gold glitter


nude, gold glitter, and crystal glitter

The pigmentation on these is crazy. The texture is very smooth and almost cream like. I would say it’s consistent with a cream to powder finish on the shadows. They’re easily blendable and wear for about 8-9 hours with a primer and about 5-6 without. The glitter is as expected very glittery. It’s a gel base that isn’t too sticky or chunky and would probably work best for a dancer, cheerleader, stage type situation. It’s not an everyday thing for me, but they’re very pigmented as well.


I have been wearing these everyday this past week and have so enjoyed the versatility with just these three shadows. You can do an easy quick look with just the light vanilla Nude colored shade all over the lid or you can do a brown smokey eye with the deep Cocoa shade. I got quite a few compliments on how pretty they are on the eye at work. This has definitely become one of my staple neutral palettes.

Now, if you’re interested in this Natural Shadow palette or one of the other three Smoky Eyeshadow Palettes from BA STAR, you can get 50% Off with the code: BBSMOKY

xx – Dan


*As previously stated, I received this sample from BA STAR to review powdered by BrandBacker. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. I only review and accept samples for products that are applicable to my blog.

Let’s talk hair and Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge


Since I dyed my hair back to brown, I’ve had a lot of emails and messages about how my hair routine has changed.  I decided it would be a great way to tie in a review of the new shampoo and conditioners I’ve been using that I received for free from BzzAgent. As most of you know, I was previously using Tigi Bedhead Colour Combat Dumb Blonde and LUSH Daddy-O, but all three of those are formulated to excentuate blonde. I wanted to use something that was good for normal to dry hair and would help bring back hydration and silkiness to my seriously over processed now brown hair. That’s where the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge came into play!

You’ve probably seen the commercials with the girls with the bouncy, volume filled locks and these products have been advertised just the same. I’m happy to say they’re just as fabulous as they look! It’s all focused on hydration and moisturizing normal to dry hair with these three products working together: Shampoo, Conditioner, and the 1 Minute Moisture Plenish Treatment.

The Shampoo might be my favorite because I love the bursting beads which I had never used in my shampoo before. They really get your hair feeling clean and bursting with hydration! It also smells INCREDIBLE, like I die with the goji berry, kiwi, and passion fruit. (My 17 year old brother even used it just because it smelled that good.) I follow up with the regular Conditioner every other wash and it’s very moisturizing and leaves my semi unmanageable hair really silky and smooth. The other days I use the really awesome 1 Minute Moisture Plenish Treatment for that added boost of hydration to my hair. It’s just as effective as a thicker deep hair treatment, but feels so light just like a normal conditioner because it’s a unique cream/gel hybrid . My hair is already thick, so I like that it doesn’t add extra weight and I don’t sacrifice the results of a thick deep conditioner.

I love that I haven’t had to lose the moisture, strength, and silkiness of my old high end hair care products even with these cheaper, but just as amazing ones from Garnier Fructis! I’ve had people ask if I got my hair done again because it looks so healthy and great even after a few days without washing in any style I wear it in! If you’re looking to try out new shampoo and conditioners, I’d highly recommend the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge. I will definitely be repurchasing these when I run out.

xx – Dan

Garnier Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil Review

I’m excited to offer my thoughts about this brand new Garnier Fructis multipurpose product! If you know me, you know I love my hair/skin oils. I’ve used and loved Moroccan Oil, Josie Maran Argan Oil, and a few others. They’re all pricey and high end and aren’t always readily available when you need it. BzzAgent sent me this all in one product for free called the Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Miracle Dry Oil to try. It’s in a convenient spray bottle that delivers a fine mist. It contains three different nutritive fruit oils: olive, avocado, and shea which are all amazing on their own, but together they pack a punch on dry and damaged locks!


This is a great everyday product that can be used on your skin, face, and your hair. As most of you know, my skin is already oily, but I’ve never been weary of putting oils on my face. This one did however break me out when I sprayed it into my hands and applied it to my skin as a moisturizer. I have sensitive/combination skin, so it could work better on those with dry skin. However this was a miracle product on my hair. It can be used on damp or dry hair. After I shower, I sprayed this on my ends like I usually apply my Argan Oil and it works just as well at making my hair silky and smooth which was fabulous because this is a drugstore product at only $5.99 retail as compared to my $50 Josie Maran!! I also spritz it on my dry styled air to add noticeable shine without any greasy look. I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the texture and manageability of my hair with the Miracle Dry Oil. My hair looks and feels so much healthier and hydrated!

I highly recommend this product if you’re interested in trying a hair oil and possibly a skin oil if you have dry skin. It’s conveniently packaged in a spray form, inexpensive, and works like a charm!

xx – Dan

COVERGIRL blastflipstick Review

I’m very excited to be doing this review. As most, if not all of you know I’m a BzzAgent meaning I get qualified through surveys on the BzzAgent website for campaigns for free or discounted products to test and review and “buzz” about. I did receive these three blastflipsticks for free, but the review is completely and 100% honest and I’m not being paid for this.

I’ve seen these for a few months and was always curious about them. I’m a big lip girl especially in the fall, so I was pleased to get to try these. This past year unique lip colors on the runways have been huge: from ombre lips, to one color on the top lip/one on the bottom, to a pop of something different in the center. These are right on trend to create a one of a kind lip with just one product. There’s essentially three looks in one, but the options are only limited by your creativity.



These are super cool double ended lipsticks. One side is a creamy and vibrant lip color and the other side is a shimmery lip color similar to a gloss almost. The shades are meant to be complimentary to each other, so you can use each alone or the shimmery layered over the bolder color. I really loved the packaging and thought it was great for on the go because it has both ends for touch up purposes. I received these three shades: Minx, Vixen, and Stunner. I swatched each side and then also layered the shimmer side over the creamy side to show the unique look.

Minx: Deep Brown & Gold



(From Left to Right: Deep Brown, Gold, Gold layered over Deep Brown)

Vixen: Burgundy & Pearl Pink



(From Left to Right: Burgundy, Pearl Pink, Pearl Pink layered over Burgundy)

Stunner: Bright Pink & Gold



(From Left to Right: Bright Pink, Gold, Gold layered over Bright Pink)

Overall Review:

I was SO SO pleased with the quality of these. I’m not huge into COVERGIRL makeup because sometimes the quality can be iffy, but these were right on point for so many reasons. They are extremely pigmented as you can tell, while I don’t think the color descriptions completely fit Vixen and Stunner. The colors are absolutely gorgeous. Even the shimmery side is pigmented and not weird feeling on your lips. These are also crazy long lasting for a drug store lip product especially. I’ve gone about 6-8 hours without ANY touch up because there was little to no fading and still received compliments. Also for the quality, the price is phenomenal. At Target online, they retail for $7.99 each. I think that’s crazy awesome because they’re really two+ lip products in one. As you can see the possibilities are endless because you can layer, use one or the other, blend, highlight, etc. They’re not heavy or drying and they come in 13 shades, so you’re sure to find one (or five) that suit you. If you see me in real life, I have an exclusive $2 off coupon, so you can get your hands on them yourself and see how awesome they really are! These will sure to impress at your next holiday party this season!

xx – Dan

Hair Must Haves

I’m very protective over my hair. I’m constantly trying the latest and greatest to get it to look absolutely perfect. I don’t treat it as well as I should. It’s over processed (lots of dying and highlights), it’s over styled (constant flat ironing and curling),  and it’s over brushed and ponytailed. But there are products that I swear by that despite all of those bad habits keep my hair looking shiny, feeling soft, and being fabulous.

Shampoos and Conditioner

TIGI Bedhead Colour Combat Dumb Blonde Shampoo & Conditioner – These are my “everyday shampoo and conditioner.” Of course, I only shampoo about 2-3 times a week, but these have been my go to since I’ve dyed my hair blonde. They smell AMAZINGGGG like cookies. Both of these have helped retain my color and kept my hair soft and smooth. They’re also said to strengthen and repair processed blonde locks.  The Colour Combat line is also available for Brunettes and Redheads as well.

LUSH Daddy-O Shampoo – This was recommended to me by a LUSH employee after I told her I was a newly dyed blonde. It’s a purple shampoo which makes your blonde brighter and less brassy. It makes my hair ultra shiny and the smell lingers until your next shampoo. It’s crazy. I use this about once a week instead of my Dumb Blonde Shampoo just to freshen up the color.

Deep and Leave in Conditioners 

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle – Goooodness this stuff is legendary. It’s like $4 and it’s seriously a miracle, no joke. I do this about every other week instead of my normal conditioner. I coat the bottom of my hair and leave it on for SURPRISE — 3 minutes! I rinse it with cold water and ta da super smooth moisturized hair!

LUSH H’Suan Wen Hua – If you know about my addiction to LUSH, you know about my love of this Hair Moisturizer. This is a monthly treat for my hair. It’s seriously nutritious with vinegar, eggs, bananas, and bay leaves. I lather it all over my dry unwashed hair, wrap my head in saran wrap (no I’m serious), and leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes before shampooing. I try to savor the large pot because it’s pricey, but oh so worth it. It has seriously changed my hair in so many waves including making it really grow by stimulating my scalp. (If you’re on the fence about the price, head to LUSH and ask them for a sample!)

Sexy Hair Healthy Sexy Hair Tri Wheat Leave in Conditioner – This is my spray for after I get done washing my hair. I spray it in my damp hair to detangle and moisturize before I comb it out and either blow dry or air dry. It’s a great reconstructor and helps soften and manage difficult hair. It’s a must have for all hair types!

An added note about all of these products, they’re all safe to use on color treated hair which is an absolute must! Let me know what your favorite hair products are! I’m still shopping around for an awesome heat protectant, if y’all have one you love.

xx – Dan

MAC Marilyn Monroe Lipsticks Review

The MAC Cosmetics Marilyn Monroe collection was hyped for months and months, unfortunately it sold out within an hour or so online and just as quickly at counters around the country. Now, prices are sky rocketing for pieces of the collection on Ebay. Thankfully, I was able to snag all of the pieces I had my eye on in various ways. I got one lipstick for Hannah on the MAC website, one on Ebay, and my Twin got me one and a blush (The Perfect Cheek) at the counter on release day.

I’ve had a few requests for a review and swatches of the lipsticks, so I happily obliged. These colors are to die for. They’re so rich and vibrant and they were worth the stress of searching. The packaging is wonderful and so sleek. I love that Marilyn is on the tubes.

(the three lipstick boxes lined up)

Love Goddess – Midtone Pink Red (Satin)

This color is a bold reddish pink that is for Hannah. I won’t be swatching it because I bought it for her, but there’s plenty of swatches online. It’s one of the most unique lipsticks in the collection.

Pure Zen – Frosted Warm Nude (Creamsheen)

This is my Ebay steal. It’s a gorgeous warm pinky nude. It’s similar to MAC Angel and I imagine this could work on a variety of skin tones. It is a great everyday color and I love layering Buxom White Russian gloss on top of this. It’s a Creamsheen, so it’s very creamy and smooth (my favorite MAC lipstick formula). 

Charmed I’m Sure – Dark True Red (Matte)

This was by far the one I wanted the most and for good reason. It’s probably going to become one of my favorite red lipsticks of all time. It’s the perfect shade for me and the matte finish is so smooth and not drying. It is opaque and very fire engine. It’s long lasting even without a lip liner.

Pure Zen on top and Charmed I’m Sure on the bottom 

I was highly impressed by the lipsticks I picked up from this collection. MAC really hit them out of the park and unfortunately they should have created a higher supply to compensate for the demand. If you’re looking for one to pick up on Ebay, I recommend Charmed I’m Sure based on the wear and the color, but Love Goddess because of how bold and unique it is. These colors are all truly Marilyn in their own way. They’re special just like she was.

xx – Dan

Erin Condren Life Planner Review

I’ve had quite a few people request a review of the Erin Condren Life Planner that I purchased last month, so I decided to round up some pictures of mine and give my thoughts after almost a month of use. Planners are a big deal for my type A crazy personality. I’ve been using a Lilly for a few years now and I’ve been content, but I’ve entered the big kid world of real deal schedules and time management. I researched into getting another Lilly, a Maybook, or even just a cute one from Target or Staples, but I had such a hard time justifying spending over like 20 dollars haha. I’m THAT girl. I can make up a reason to spend $45 on foundation, but can’t spend $25 on a necessary organizational tool. Go figure. I started seeing a lot of raving about the Erin Condren Life Planner and headed to the website to see that it was double what I wouldn’t even spend to begin with. $50. I struggled with the purchase, keeping it in my cart for a few weeks before I finally pressed confirm on the purchase, now I’m here to tell you, it’s worth every penny.

Weekly View

I absolutely adore the way it’s organized. That’s what the big selling point for me was. Most planners have a little space for each day of the week, but the Life Planner has each day of a week broken down into Morning, Day, and Night which is PHENOMENAL for a student, a working girl, or even a family. I use it almost as a to do list as well as a scheduling tool.

Monthly View

Just like your typical planner it has a monthly view at the beginning of each month with the cute little holidays labeled on the dates. It also has a fun and colorful inspirational quote for each month which is really nice. The monthly view also has a spot for goals and to do’s which really keeps you on track and accountable.

The other big selling point for me were all of extra features the Life Planner had, that other planners didn’t. In the front of the LP, there’s a few pages just dedicated to birthdays and anniversaries giving you a line for each day of every month. I like having all of my birthdays and whatnot in one place like that. There’s also a lot of pages for notes which is great in a pinch if you forget a note pad or if it’s really important and you want to elaborate in your planner. I’m a huge sticker whore, that’s one of my favorite things about the Lilly, while there aren’t any gators or flamingos or martini glasses, there are colorful “more mature” looking pages of stickers for those of you like me. (even blank ones for your own occasions and events!!) I really like that this planner has folders and pockets in the back with matching stickers that go perfectly with your planner layout and color scheme!

For those of you still on the fence about the $50+ purchase, I’ve come up with a quick list of pros in my book:

  • Customizable in over 35 fun cover designs with even more options for colors!!!
  • Sturdy and laminated, not flimsy or cheap feeling
  • Weekly schedule separated in morning, day, and night
  • Lined & blank note pages
  • You choose what month you want to start it!
  • Keeps you organized while still being fun and pretty and something you want to use all the time!!

I hope my review was super helpful for those of you trying to decide on a new planner. I’m so glad I did. It was worth all the money and the waiting time (expect about 2-3 weeks for it to be in your hands, it’s custom made for you!).I don’t regret it at all and it’s kept me so on track. Let me know if you have any other questions or head over to their website as well!!

xx – Dan

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Crazy Rave – Luster Premium White

I’m bringing you this review about this new tooth whitening kit called the Luster Premium White. I received the kit for free as a BzzAgent, but I am not being compensated for this review. I wanted to share with you my honest rave review of this amazing tooth whitening system! This new affordable, readily available system has big claims of fast results and no sensitivity, but does it live up to them?

It definitely does! I got to use the Luster Premium 1 Hour White. It’s a three step light system that can create visible results in just 30 minutes! I was definitely skeptical because I’ve used a lot of different more expensive systems that do really work. (Hold up, let me just say, my teeth are white, I just like to keep them that way because I’m an avid coffee drinker, so my results were not as dramatic as someone who’s teeth were shades darker than mine.) The Luster system was super easy to use. Basically you rinse your mouth with the provided mouth wash called the Accelerator Mouth Rinse, you paint each tooth with the Super Whitener Gel, and then you put the Activating White Light on your teeth. The Activating Light automatically turns off when the round is up. Basically you just repeat 10 – 20 times. It’s quick and simple and it really works. It claims that it can whiten up to 6 shades in 1 hour! I can’t vouch for that because I didn’t need to be lightened that many shades to begin with.

My biggest problem with most other whitening systems — the strips, the trays, etc is getting sensitivity after even just one use. I had none. I’ve used the system over 40 times now and haven’t had ANY sensitivity at all. Seriously, sign me up for the kit refills. It’s awesome!! The system retails for about $32 -$40 regular price which is actually less than most other MAJOR whitening systems like the Crest White Strips and yields even better results without the sensitivity. The system and it’s refill sets can be found at most major retailers like Target, Walgreens, CVS, and Walmart.

I also tried out the accompanying toothpaste for a few weeks twice a day — Luster Premium Power White and I didn’t see much of a difference in whiteness, so I’ll stick with my Crest 3D White Toothpaste because I do see a difference in use. Overall, the Luster Premium 1 Hour White System was a pleasant surprise that I will contain to repurchase because I’ve seen great results, no sensitivity, and people have actually noticed! :)

xx – Dan