Saturday Instagram Recap

Pearls and Curls

Hola Saturday!! This was an awesome week and I’m always pleased to get to my recap! This was also a big week on instagram as I made a big step into branding by changing my instagram name to @missglamdan. If you’re not already following me there, you should! You’ll get even more insta greatness all week instead of waiting until Saturday duh! Have your own instagram recap? You know the drill, click the picture above and link up with Sara at Pearls and Curls too!

instagram-08-24-1Brand spankin’ new Erin Condren Life Planner GOLD EDITION | Anniversary Gift from Fancy Pants: Fancy Red Cowboy Boots! | Decked out for the Arizona Cardinals preseason game | Fantasy Draft for Michael’s team while painting my nails
instagram-08-24-2Wednesday Goodies | Brother Cuddle Time with Schnooks and Grims | Shameless Selfie | Delicious Coldstone

Dan xx

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Saturday Instagram Recap

Pearls and Curls

Finally Saturday!! After such a long week, I’m ready to get this recap up! I’m linking up at Pearls and Curls and you should too! I hope you’re all getting a fabulous start to the weekend!
instagram-08-10-1staff happy hour with my bestie | rainy day | feeling very orange | newest member of my family, addison (just two weeks ago, her momma was on my recap very pregnant)
instagram-08-10-2sneak peek of my new room additions | everyday makeup | dbacks game | prints from pearls & pastries ( $5 EACH RIGHT NOW!)

If you didn’t get the memo, yesterday was my one year blogiversary (YAY!!), check out that post with my top 10 most viewed posts here! 

Dan xx

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Saturday Instagram Recap

Pearls and Curls

instagram---08-02-1Froyo love | ordered my new Erin Condren Gold Edition Life Planner | Movie faces | Cooper

instagram-08-02-2Transformation Tuesday: Always in Polka Dots | Sequin Tee from Junky Trunk | Benefit Hello Flawless Powder & Stay Flawless Primer  | Class with Fancy Pants

I’m (duuuuh) linking up with Sara at Pearls and Curls for the Saturday Instagram Recap! I’m also excited to announce that as one of the first of many exciting August things: I’ll be making my home over on her sidebar this month! So head over there and show her some love! I hope y’all had a great week and are enjoying your weekend so far! :) Also, if you’d like more of me and my instagram, follow me: @Daniefaz.

Dan xx

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Saturday Instagram Recap

Pearls and Curls

instagram-07-27-13-1Me & the almost new momma! | new favorite glosses on recommendation from the wonderful, Frances | B’s Birthday Party | #tbt to that one memorial day weekend up at sexy girlfriend’s cabin where it snowed. 
instagram-7-27-13-2#tbt to bid day 2009 with B | sick day bahama bucks with Fancy Pants | tagging his truck with love notes | opi designer de better

I’m linking up with Sara at Pearls & Curls, so go check out her blog and link up as well! I hope you guys are all having a fabulous weekend. I will be spending most of my day in bed because I’m still feeling yuck and I have lots of blog planning in the works!  Random, but if you love my weekly notes and my thursday pick me ups, please like me on facebook because I post a lot more of that type of stuff on there on the reg, plus you’ll have a one up once I have a giveaway! ;)

Dan xx

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Saturday Instagram Recap


7201-instagramlounging by the pool, marg in hand. | at the airport | essie no more film | new additions to my office wall

7202-instagramthree favorite boys | the characters of fancy pants & i | arizona lovin | the schnooks at work

I’m linking up with the wonderful Sara over at Pearls & Curls for her Saturday Instagram Recap. Feel free to head over and check out her blog and link up if you have an instagram picture round up too! Tomorrow, I’ll be putting up my San Diego vacation pictures and recap, so check back then for those! :)

Dan xx

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LA & blogshop recap

DSC03908-copyThis post has been long overdue, but I’ve seriously been putting it off for one reason: I didn’t want to think I was back at my desk at work instead of in the beautiful California weather. If you saw my tweets or instagram pictures, you know I was having the time of my life. I was going to do two separate posts for the trip overall and then blogshop, but let’s be real kids, I would’ve never gotten around to two posts. (Sorry I’m not sorry, because this is going to be picture heavy and just long.)

Friday: After a quick plane ride, we got in around 12, but thank you to Super Shuttle looping LAX twice and filling up the van completely, we didn’t see the inside of our hotel room until after 2. We stayed at a small boutique hotel on the border of West Hollywood and Beverly Hills called the Hotel Beverly TerraceIt was perfect for just Fancy Pants and I and it was well kept with great service. We took naps until we got picked up by Fancy Pants’ cousin for a mini tour around Beverly Hills windows down of course! We spent the rest of the night at a great BBQ at Vance’s cousin and her husband’s house.




DSC03862Saturday: First day of blogshop! It was held in the cutest studio that was put together to the t with adorable decor. Everything was instagram worthy! No detail was ignored down to the plants and gift bags and it made for the perfect creative atmosphere. There was nothing more exciting than just being in a room with 25 other like minded individuals. Just hearing what they did for a living, about their blogs, their lives was so cool. I had never been around so many creatively driven people. The instructors: blogger Bri Emery of Designlovefest & photographer/commercial director, Angela Kohler, fostered a great place to learn Photoshop from top to bottom with every tip and trick in the book. The first day, my head felt like exploding, but in a good way? Even with a background in Photoshop, I learned so much. That night, Fancy Pants and I went to the Grove to walk around and we had an incredible dinner at Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant, The Fat CowSeriously, Fancy Pants ordered the best steak I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. I highly recommend this place for the food and great service.







2013062220130622blogshopla1048-1picture via designlovefest


IMG_1562Sunday: Second day of blogshop! This is where they tied a lot of blogging into what we learned the previous day, by making headers, social media icons, mood boards, etc. It was so cool to have so many AHA moments by seeing all I had learned in just two short days. I was happy to have had a really great guide to follow along in and take notes when I needed to. I could not recommend this class enough. It’s truly worth every penny from beginners to those who would say they know Photoshop fairly well because there’s so much you do not even realize you can do and in 1/4 of the time. I met so many amazing and talented women over this short weekend like Jaclyn, Shannon, Ruthie, Amanda, and Ginny (just to name a few!!) You should definitely go check out their sites! After blogshop was probably the most exciting part of the whole trip for me, I met Kimmie of Harriet Ann Creative, in person for dinner! While I was nervous, I was way more excited than anything else. Her and I practically did the cliche girly scream running towards each other and hugging in the middle of what was pretty quiet restaurant, Village Idiot. After months of emails and texts, it obviously felt like I’d known her for years. We talked and talked and it made me even sadder that we didn’t live in the same state and couldn’t do this all the time. Seriously though, she’s one of my favorite people ever and she gave me the cutest striped cocktail napkins that everyone must order NOW.

2013062320130622blogshopla1213picture via designlovefest


2013062320130622blogshopla1207picture via designlovefest

2013062320130622blogshopla1231picture via designlovefest


DSC03870Monday: Last day! :( We checked out of our hotel and went to Santa Monica to the pier and the beach. I can’t tell you the excitement to be back at the Pacific Ocean. It was perfect. Fancy Pants and I grabbed lunch and walked around the Third Street Promenade for a few hours to burn some time before our shuttle picked us up. We called our last Lyft to take us back to the hotel. Seriously, Lyft was one of the coolest finds. Thank you so much to my wonderful sorority sister, Kathleen, for the recommendation. They’re a cheaper taxi alternative that goes all around LA. They’re normal people like you and me that you use an app to call and request and they take you anywhere. Plus you pay through a credit card on the app to make it so easy. Lyft needs to be EVERYWHERE.





DSC03892Okay, back to the recap. Fancy Pants and I had an amazing trip that went by too fast. blogshop is a must do for everyone who’s thinking about it. The experience and knowledge is so worth the expense. I can’t wait to be back in LA again to see more of what I didn’t get to see (including celebs!).

Dan xx

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Saturday Instagram Recap



For some reason, even though it’s a weekly link up, I always forget to actually queue my Saturday Instagram Recap because of my crazy Friday nights probably. (Just kidding, I watched Scandal in my sweats and ate Sonic take out with Fancy Pants!) I just got home from a baby shower for my cousin, so you’ll see that outfit tomorrow, but for now here’s my recap of the week’s instagrams. You’re also welcome to link up with Pearls and Curls too and also follow me on Instagram (@Daniefaz) for even more shenanigans of sorts.



essie bazooka

4a25fe62b04f11e29c8b22000a9f18f4_7bella loves the scratches

5add30fcb2d611e2b3f322000a1f96e5_7fancy pants getting swoll on our bf/gf gym date

7c543cecb21511e2895f22000a9e4895_7Coop got a haircut!

18c57f8eb4d511e2a3ff22000a1fb762_7Matte pink nails and Silver Linings Playbook that Fancy Pants bought for me!

41dc82f6b1ff11e29bea22000a1f90d2_7A fabulously witty and funny quick read that literally makes me feel a lot better about myself haha.

44e6b162b1bc11e28d5422000aa8025b_7Sally Hansen Pacific Blue with Revlon Matte Top Coat (OBSESSEDDDDD!)

355d9268b15011e2826f22000a9f13e9_7I love the looking at my nightstand from my bed. 

506e16f2b13e11e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7Pre gym mirror selfie

c2c1d896b2ac11e297b922000a1fa527_7New Olivia + Joy Bag

c37801c8b3a311e2b4cc22000a1fbe13_7One of my many favorite shots from Ella’s Birthday Photoshoot.

xx – Dan 


Saturday Instagram Recap

insta copy


This will be a short and sweet Saturday Instagram Recap (hosted by Sara at Pearls & Curls) because quite frankly, I didn’t instagram much. Work has been hectic, but I’m happy to report it was a successful week. I should have some exciting news early next week concerning a certain trip! EEEEEPS! :) It’s also Saturday which means tomorrow, Sunday the 21st at 11:59 PM PST my Fabulous 100 Giveaway with Hope’s & Harriet Ann Creative will end, so y’all need to get your last entries in ASAP!


Matchy matchy in pink


Throwback Thursday: Catholic School Days


Ellie and I at her and Schnook’s soccer game!


Freaking adorbs Bath & Body Works anchor air freshener


Happy 4th Birthday to very sweet baby boy, Cooper!! :)

xx – Dan

Saturday Instagram Recap

insta copyLucky 13th Recap on the 13th!!  This was a special week for me, I reached my all time high of followers and views thanks to this fabulous giveaway!!! I felt like the luckiest duck in the world thanks to all of you wonderful supporters out there! But besides being sick, it was a pretty solid week. Once again I’m linking up with Pearls and Curls, so y’all should hop over there and link up as well. ALSO, if you haven’t entered my giveaway, click above or in my sidebar and do so! ;)


It sure didn’t feel like Friday yesterday.


Softball Saturdays!


#NationalSiblingDay We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.


Selfie Sunday!


A little treat from Fancy Pants! :)


My parents empty front yard is no more!!


New Colour Riche Balms in beautiful pastel blue and baby pink shades.


Just one more reminder about the giveaway ;)


One of my Lilly filled packages from Ruelala.


#ThrowbackThursday Senior Prom

xx – Dan

Saturday Instagram Recap

insta copy


Happy Saturday!! I’m sorry this week has been so slow over here. I had a short week at work so I had a lot to pack in just four days and yesterday I had a post (you’ll see it) scheduled and for some reason it never posted, so that was cool. My brain has been on overdrive all week and I’m just exhausted. Thankfully, I was able to sleep in, go to the gym, and cross a bunch of things of my to do list yesterday (eyebrow wax, tanning, DVR catch up, ya know the important stuff!) I’m linking up with Sara at With a Hint of Bourbon, please head over there and link up! :)


#ThrowbackThursday: The first time Fancy Pants taught me how to golf


Cookie basket from my aunt for Easter!!


John 3:16 :) the reason Good Friday is SO good!


Fancy Pants and I sharing the same ice cream combo we did on our first date: Cake Batter with Cookie Dough & Rainbow Sprinkles


These shorts from Victoria’s Secret scream me!


A gift and sweet note from the wonderful Rebecca!


Feeling green with envy!!

xx – Dan