Two Years


My heart is so full today because of that kid up there. It was two years ago today that after one date and just a couple of days, Fancy Pants, asked me to be his girlfriend. I knew I was lucky, but with each passing day I’ve found more reasons that I’m the luckiest. After a few failed relationships, a broken heart or two, my confidence and faith in love was basically zilch, non existent. That boy changed all of that.




I got a job at a math tutoring center in January 2009 and this guy came in tuesday and thursday and hassled me for answers, constantly made me laugh, and even followed me home a time or two. ;) Sparks flew. Fast forward two years later, one facebook chat, and a few hour long date over Chipotle, Cold Stone, and Build A Bear and I was falling. Now I sit here, two years later wondering where the time went. We’ve seen each other through ups, downs, and changes galore. He gets me. Fancy Pants is one of the most giving, kind, caring, and amazing people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. His dreams are big, but his heart is even bigger. He keeps me strong and is my constant source of encouragement and motivation. I’m so blessed that God gave me this incredible human being. Even through the tough days, I know I can always count on him for a laugh and smile. I’ve never had such chemistry or clicked so well with anyone, like I do with FP. He’s my other half.



I could go on and on, believe me I would, but I think you get the picture. He’s wonderful. Two years flew by and I absolutely cannot wait to see what’s in store for the next hundred or so. ;) I know God has big things in store for each of us and even more for us together. I love you so mush, darling. Thank you for being the best thing that’s ever happened to me, truly. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else.




Always, Danielle

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Hola from Los Angeles

e8e8c116daab11e2b03722000a1fc75a_7Hey everyone! I just wanted to pop in and say hello from LA! Fancy Pants and I are having an amazing time. Blogshop Day 1 was today and it was absolutely phenomenal and I cannnnooootttt (see the enthusiasm?!) wait until Day 2 tomorrow and of course meeting up with the lovely Kimmie of HAC. If you’d like to catch up on what I’ve been doing, follow me on twitter, instagram, or vine!

Hope you guys are having a fabulous weekend as well! I’ll catch up with you on Tuesday!

Dan xx

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Saturday Instagram Recap

Pearls and Curls
I’m linking up with Sara at Pearls and Curls for another Saturday Instagram Recap. If you care to follow me on Instagram, there’s more where this came from! :) Hope you have a fabulous day. 1c81b710abc411e2b5fe22000aaa0750_7Open Back 
33e06964ac3d11e287a122000a9f13ec_7Eeeeeps!! 54 Days!
88d87d8eaddd11e298e622000aa819f6_7Throwback Thursday: Mission Beach last Summer
0215edd4ac7211e2bacd22000a9e08df_7Driving Dad’s new Viper
590e28beaeba11e2b8f122000a1f9345_7Me presenting my speech yesterday!
a82d356caafe11e29ade22000a1f9bd0_7This kid :)
a2082680aaf211e283e622000a1fb86d_7SundayFunday with the family!
b470714aaac711e2beb322000aaa0754_7Lilly and Jacks, the perfect combo! xx – Dan

Thoughts About Love


While things seem to be spinning out of control at the moment and I’m really just trying to get a grasp on everything that seems to be changing, I’ve been blessed with one constant: Fancy Pants. He’s this wonderful person, this light in my life. I’ve had a few questions about him and our relationship and yada yada. I didn’t want to bore you guys TOO MUCH. But I met him four years ago when I was his tutor my senior year of high school and he was the student (almost 2 years younger than me). I know, how freaking cliche?! He caught me instantly with his infectious energy and the way he made me laugh.

I’m pleased to say that those things I fell for in the beginning are still two of the MANY things that I fall in love with every day. Him and I have both been in less than desirable relationships with fighting and crappy stuff. While those things sucked, we were able to walk into this one with a different view and a fresh take on love. He’s much more of a support than I’ve ever found in anyone. He has a very special way of cutting to the core of my worrying and anxiety about problems and reminding me of what matters. He keeps me grounded. I never realized how important it is to find someone like that until I had him and my bad days were never awful because he was always there. I prayed to find that fit in my life. I know I’m not making much sense with my rambly thoughts and what not, but the whole point was just to say how you need to find someone who creates balance in your life, not chaos.

Vee, you’re basically the sunshine in my sky and here we are on the edge of something so wonderful and scary. But I’m so ready to jump with your hand in mine. If it’s meant to be, God will make it happen. I’m so excited for the possibilities we have ahead of us for the next year and for the rest of our lives. I love you to the moon and back.


Always, Danielle

Saturday Instagram Recap

insta copy

I’m a little bit mad that I had to edit everything I wrote in here since for some reason WordPress never posted it yesterday. So Saturday Instagram Recap is comin’ at ya on Sunday…awk, but whatevs. My favorite weeks are the weeks spent with Fancy Pants and last week was one of them. From his tournament to Valentine’s, my time with him is always special. :) Sorry to get mush with you guys, but I’m just forwarning you for the pictures to follow. I’m linking up with S on her blog and y’all can link up and grab the button if you do too! As always, please follow me on instagram for more loveliness. :)


Fancy Pants being a champ at bat.


Just casually freezing wearing sweats over jeans at the tournament.


Prabal Gurung for Target


Peacock mugs are my thang.


Waking up to a disgusting amount of ice on my car.


Chicken Pasta Salad at Pita Jungle. yuuum


Coop sitting with mine and his Valentine’s gifts.


My funny Valentine.


“Every girl loves puppies.” – Fancy Pants’ reasoning for the card.


Getting Sonic Cherry Coke/Slushie and watching inspirational Rocky speeches on Youtube after a tough day.

xx – Dan

Happy Valentine’s Day!



Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my lovelies: friends, family, and wonderful readers. I think this holiday is a wonderful reminder to celebrate those that we love. I’m not going to go into a soap box speech about enjoying the day even if you’re single. There’s plenty of that already out there. I just think there’s just such a great feeling on Valentine’s Day to look around and see people showing affection. It’s also a reminder to not take this feeling and day and those people you love for granted.

This quote sums it up best for me.

“Unless it’s mad, passionate, extraordinary love, it’s a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them.”

I’m excited to enjoy my day filled with conversation hearts, Valentine’s mugs of tea, and time with my Valentine, the wonderful Fancy Pants. I hope all of you have a day with hearts and love galore!

xx – Dan