June Cleaver 2.0

DSC04778bI’m a huge fan of the sixties housewife style. Call me old fashioned, but I like to think of my style as classic with a edge. I paired this fabulous polka dot shirtdress with stud pumps (similar to the beautiful Valentino, but like 5% of the cost and just as fabulous looking!) and my DIY pearl safety pin necklace. I think it’s the perfect mix of girly with the polka dots and pearls and edgy with the studs and safety pins. It’s all about keeping them guessing!
DSC04775bDress: Gap (ON SALE RIGHT NOW!) | Heels: Windsor | Necklace: DIY | Bag: Longchamp | Nails: essie fiji

Dan xx

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Friday Link Love: Blogiversary Edition

friday-link-love-header EXACTLY one year ago today I pressed Publish on my first blog post on Miss Glam Dan. If you’ve known me for more than a few years, you’ll probably know I’ve been an avid blogger since 7th grade. (Don’t go looking for any of those early blogs, they’re melodramatic and full of “omg I’m so in love” after two weeks of knowing someone.) First LiveJournal through middle school, Blogger through high school, Tumblr in college, and now WordPress. I never could have imagined the love, support, and friendships I’d gain through blogging in any form. Miss Glam Dan has been first seriously consistent stint with blogging and I’ve only fallen more in love with it over the past year. I never thought I could be a fashion blogger because at one time, I only had my Blackberry and a crappy 8 mega pixel camera and a closet that I thought I’d only be interested in. Boy was I wrong! :) I figured I’d do this Friday Link Love with links to my top 5 favorite posts and the top 5 most viewed posts I’ve done over the past year. Enjoy the blast from the past with the varying hair colors and picture quality! (Links posted from Left to Right; Top to Bottom)

ONE-YEAR 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

Again, thank you for all of your support over the past year! I’m excited for the next year and every blogiversary after that! Don’t forget to follow, like, subscribe…(you know the drill) for all of my social media links! Big things are happening! ;)

Dan xx

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DIY Yogurt Bar

Photo-Aug-01,-8-56-43-AMLooking for a fun and festive and inexpensive addition to any party or event? Create a Yogurt Bar. Froyo has been all the rage for a bit now with a new frozen yogurt bar on every other corner. This is a fun do-it-yourself twist on that. At work, for every staff member’s birthday we celebrate usually with a cake, cookies, some kind of dessert you can stick a candle in and we sing to them. I’m always tasked as the one to make it happen because this kind of stuff really is my niche. I’ve been seeing pins pop up for yogurt bars for brunches and sleepovers and decided to tackle one for our next staff meeting/set of two birthdays. It took me no more than an hour of prep (shopping and set up) and it was a hit!

Photo-Aug-01,-8-56-52-AMWhat You’ll Need:

  • Yogurt (I chose Dannon Plain Flavor and Dannon Vanilla)
  • Large Serving Bowls for the Yogurt (I got these plastic ones for $1 each at none other than the Dollar Store)
  • Small Serving Bowls for the Toppings (Again, $1 each!!)
  • Toppings (Some examples: fruits, berries, granola, chocolate chips, sprinkles, coconut, anything your heart desires basically!)
  • Plastic Mini Champagne Glasses ($1 for a set of 4!)
  • Punch Serving Spoons for the Yogurt
  • Spoons  for the Toppings and to enjoy

Photo-Aug-01,-8-57-07-AMVisually it was quite adorable with the toppings and the little glasses and it took little effort. Of course you can always add personal touches to tie into your decor or color scheme with the spoons or tags for each topping or yogurt flavor. But it’s a simple idea that will sure to impress your guests.

Dan xx
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Pins and Pearls

DSC02966 copy

This is an effortless business casual look. I put together this look for my speaking debut (which went super well I might add!!) at our quarterly office meeting. I loved trading my heels for little white Keds a la Baby from Dirty Dancing. The real star of the show for this outfit was my newest and probably favorite DIY project ever ever, the pearl necklace with gold safety pins. I created this DIY from Honestly WTF and it was SO easy and so inexpensive (I picked up a Forever21 Pearl Necklace for $1.80!!). I’m a pearls girl, but this is just a new and chic twist on it inspired by the fabulous jewelry designer, Tom Binns. I think it’s always a great idea to take a simple outfit and punch it up with a great statement piece.

DSC02975 copy

DSC02967 copy

DSC02970 copy

DSC02973 copy

DSC02971 copy 2


T-Shirt: H&M // Pencil Skirt: Express // Sneakers: Keds // Necklace: DIY from HonestlyWTF // Crossbody:iiiBeca // Watch: Michael Kors

xx – Dan

Eggcellent Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven

hardboiled eggs

If you’re a Pinterest addict like I am, then you’ve seen the Hard Boiled Eggs in the Oven and thought hmm is that for real? Well, I’m a hardboiled egg freak. I eat two for breakfast almost every single day, but I hate actually hard boiling them. I decided to give them in a muffin tin in the oven for a whirl. It was AWESOME. 12 at a time, perfectly cooked and ready for me everyday that week. This also an Easter egg game changer since you can do them 12 at a time for dyeing!! This is the recipe I used. But I figured I’d repost it here.

What You’ll Need:


  • A Dozen Large Eggs
  • A Large Muffin Tin
  • An Ice Water Bath

What to Do:


  1. Preheat your oven to 325 degrees and place one egg in each slot. Don’t worry they won’t really move around.
  2. Put them in the oven for 25-30 minutes. I did 25 because my oven is really hot.
  3. Pull them out and let them stand for 1 minute. They will have little brown spots on them, but they will go away in the water or after rinsing.
  4. Remove each one and place it in the ice bath for 10 minutes.
  5. Your eggs are now ready to enjoy or put in the fridge or DYED!!! YAY :)! How eggciting!
    DSC02603xx – Dan

Metallic Silver


I’m in love with all of these pieces individually, but together it’s a winning combination head to almost toes. Friday was our annual office awards luncheon. It’s a huge deal for staff because there’s so much preparation for it, but we also have to stand up and be introduced in front of 200 people, so looking less than your best isn’t an option. I decided that on this gloomy day, I’d rock the sleeveless sheer chiffon tucked into my current favorite metallic silver skirt. I also amped it up with pops of color in my sequin flowered headband and in my baby Carrie Bradshaw-esque purse. (Made by yours truly)






Top: Forever21 // Skirt: Forever21 (similar) // Nude Wedges: Mix No.6 // Headband: Forever21 // Purse: DIY

Nails: elf beach party


At the luncheon

xx – Dan

DIY Carrie Inspired Purse from The Carrie Diaries


If you haven’t seen the new TV show on the CW, The Carrie Diaries, you really need to. It’s only two episodes in and I’m hooked. I’m head over the heels for the fashion, the music, and even the characters. I’m a huge Sex and the City fan, but this Carrie Bradshaw isn’t quite the same, but if you go into the show knowing that, you won’t be disappointed because the things like the shoes and the style are still very Bradshaw! I was highly inspired by the nail polish splattered purse that Carrie remedied in the first episode, that I knew I had to recreate it myself and for under $20! It’s a great little statement throwback to the 80s. I loved it so much I made one for my best friend, Hannah, as well!

photo 4

(This shot is property of the CW)

What You’ll Need:


  • A Small/Medium Crossbody in any color (I chose this black one from Target on clearance!)
  • Various colors of Nail Polish (Mine are from ELF & Sinful Colors, so I don’t waste my OPI/essie)
  • Paint Brushes that you won’t mind tossing after this project
  • Paper Plate or anything to pour the polish on
  • Newspaper or Cardboard to cover your surface

What To Do:

  1. Lay out your newspaper or cardboard to cover your work surface, so nail polish doesn’t stain. 
  2. Pour out medium sized dollops of polish on your plate and place your purse down face up.
  3. Dip your paint brushes in the colors, get a generous amount of polish on the brush, and flick the polish onto the purse. You can also paint directly on it, but I prefer the splattered look.
  4. Allow your purse to dry at least 4-5 hours and maybe make one or two more like I did.
  5. Enjoy your uniquely Carrie purse and be the envy of all. ;)

Carrie Purse.pngI’d love to see if you decide to make a Carrie Diaries inspired purse, so tweet me pictures (@Daniellefaz) and if you would like to use any of this DIY, please send me an email or leave me a comment linking to your post. :) Thank you so much and I hope you enjoyed this!

xx – Dan

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everyone! I’m feeling super festive today with the orange bow I made this morning. This will be a super quick post, but I just wanted to share a few cute little Halloween/fall fun things!!

Freaking adorable “pumpkin” caramel apples that I made last week for all of my co-workers! These were a serious hit and really easy to make. Recipe and how to found here!

Mine and Grimsby’s Halloween day costumes (Mario & Princess Peach)! Me and my two baby brothers are matching from Mario Kart obviously. Picture to come on Weekly Instagram Round Up next week!

Me and my HUGE pumpkin before I decorated it!!

One side of my pumpkin monogrammed and polka dotted in blue with a matching bow!

The other side of my pumpkin: Gator Bait!!! 

Spooky chic nails with Revlon Scandalous!

I hope y’all have a super safe and fun Halloween night and check back tomorrow for a really delish fall treat to make!

xx – Dan

Pumpkin Decorating

I love love love pumpkins! It’s been a family tradition since I was so little that we decorate or carve pumpkins. Most of y’all also have that super fun tradition. Every year it’s always a fun challenge to out do your pumpkin for the year prior and of course go above the other members of your family. I come from a very crafty and artistic family. Just this morning my mom and I were comparing ideas for our pumpkins this year, so I thought about how perfect of a post that would be. These are some of the ideas I’m toying around with that I wanted to share with you guys. I can’t wait to share my finalized pumpkin and those of my mom and brother.


Polka Dotted White Pumpkin

Tiered Pastel Painted Pumpkins

Glamorous Pumpkin with Black Rhinestones 

Personalized Pumpkin with a Bow

White Chevron Pumpkin

Glittered Pumpkins

Sequin Striped Pumpkin

Fanged Pumpkins 

Crazy Color Painted Pumpkins with Glitter

If you have any cute pumpkin ideas, send ’em my way!! I’m still looking for more pumpkspiration before Halloween ;)!

xx – Dan

Halloweens Past 2009 – 2011

It’s no secret that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for the sole fact that I love playing dress up. I love costumes and all of that. You can even ask my mom, she would attest to that even from a young age. My creativity with costumes has only grown since then. I’m in the process of collecting photos from when I was way younger from Halloween, but I figured hey I’ll share the more  recent photos because I know a lot of y’all are still looking for ideas. I’ll also share whether it was store bought or DIY. :) (P.S. Yes, you’ll notice every year, there are multiple costumes. Like I said, I love stretching the holiday as much as I can)

Sailor with my sorority sisters, 2009 (Store-bought)

Farmville Farmer with my brother as Shrek, 2009 (DIY, it was during the Farmville craze)

Pirate with my cousin, 2010 (DIY)

Cupcake and Baker with my best friend, Kiara, 2010 (DIY)

Nala & Simba with Fancy Pants, 2011 (DIY)

Pilot & Flight Attendant, 2011 (Store bought – mine, DIY – his)

Marcel the Shell & his Lint with my brother, 2011 (DIY)

As you can see a majority of these costumes were all created by me either with cheap clothing items from Forever21 or H&M (Pirate, Farmer) or crafted from scratch (Cupcake, Marcel the Shell, Simba/Nala). Halloween is the perfect time to be creative without spending a lot of money. I’m proud to say, I’ve never spent over $50 on any costume. Let me know in the comments if you want any specifics on any of these costumes. :) I can’t wait to share my costumes for this year because quite frankly these might be my favorites yet!

xx – Dan