DIY Yogurt Bar

Photo-Aug-01,-8-56-43-AMLooking for a fun and festive and inexpensive addition to any party or event? Create a Yogurt Bar. Froyo has been all the rage for a bit now with a new frozen yogurt bar on every other corner. This is a fun do-it-yourself twist on that. At work, for every staff member’s birthday we celebrate usually with a cake, cookies, some kind of dessert you can stick a candle in and we sing to them. I’m always tasked as the one to make it happen because this kind of stuff really is my niche. I’ve been seeing pins pop up for yogurt bars for brunches and sleepovers and decided to tackle one for our next staff meeting/set of two birthdays. It took me no more than an hour of prep (shopping and set up) and it was a hit!

Photo-Aug-01,-8-56-52-AMWhat You’ll Need:

  • Yogurt (I chose Dannon Plain Flavor and Dannon Vanilla)
  • Large Serving Bowls for the Yogurt (I got these plastic ones for $1 each at none other than the Dollar Store)
  • Small Serving Bowls for the Toppings (Again, $1 each!!)
  • Toppings (Some examples: fruits, berries, granola, chocolate chips, sprinkles, coconut, anything your heart desires basically!)
  • Plastic Mini Champagne Glasses ($1 for a set of 4!)
  • Punch Serving Spoons for the Yogurt
  • Spoons  for the Toppings and to enjoy

Photo-Aug-01,-8-57-07-AMVisually it was quite adorable with the toppings and the little glasses and it took little effort. Of course you can always add personal touches to tie into your decor or color scheme with the spoons or tags for each topping or yogurt flavor. But it’s a simple idea that will sure to impress your guests.

Dan xx
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Thanksgiving Desserts and Decor

Thanksgiving is a huge deal for my family. Every year since I can remember my whole family (mom’s and dad’s sides) have headed to my uncle and his wife’s house to celebrate and show our thanks for our wonderful family. Being that I was a baking and pastry student, there are high expectations for what I’ll provide for dessert for Thanksgiving. Hello pinterest! I’ve included not only some recipes, but some cute decor ideas. I’m straying away from the norm of pumpkin or pecan pie. (Last year I worked at a bakery and I filled over 800 pumpkin pies myself, so I still have a problem with the smell of pumpkin pie hahaha).


Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table (source) – a classy and glittery table setting

Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats (source) – super precious and easy no bake treat

The Thankful Tree (source) – a great way for all guests to say what they’re thankful for and display it for all to see

Cran-Limoncello (source) – cheerful and festive themed cocktail

Pumpkin Swirl Brownies (source) – one of the desserts I made last year that was a huge hit!

Corn Place Cards (source) – the cutest and most creative looking place cards I’ve ever seen & edible too!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifles (source) – simple, but beautifully delish layered dessert

If you have any favorite Thanksgiving themed desserts, please please share them with me. I’m still looking for ideas!!

xx – Dan

Brownie Mugs

I’ve seen lots of cute desserts and what not made in mugs, but never really believed it could actually work and taste good. The other day I was planning a delish dinner for two (Porkchops & Mashed Potatoes, anyone?) and I just was not too thrilled about also making dessert. I mean after you cook a full meal, who really wants to go all out on a dessert? I pulled up Pinterest, found a recipe, grabbed the few ingredients, and pulled out two mugs.

What You’ll Need for One Brownie Mug:

– One Mug

– One Spoon

– 1/4 Cup of Sugar 

– 1/4 Cup of Flour

– 2 TBS of Cocoa

– 2 TBS of Vegetable Oil

– 3 TBS of Water

– Pinch of Salt

1. Add your dry ingredients to the mug.

2. Add your wet ingredients to your dry ingredients.

3. Stir, stir, stir till it’s smooth and well incorporated.

4. Microwave for 1 minute and 40 seconds. 

5. Add ice cream if you wish and enjoy a quick, easy, and delicious Brownie Mug!

Fancy Pants enjoying his brownie mug :)

xx – Dan