Bedroom Decor

DSC04810bWhen we moved early last year, I was excited to have a blank slate to decorate my bedroom. It’s literally been a work in progress ever since then. I’m finally really pleased with where it is now. I started just with the basic color scheme of Robins Egg Blue and White and then things really just went from there. I will link to items where I can, but my biggest tip is to head to Marshall’s and Kirkland’s! I found so many adorable finishing touches there for so inexpensive. Also, my room is only 10 x 10, so I had to fit a lot in a small amount of space and as you’ll see my bookshelf is more for functionality than styling purposes. (Minus my cowboy boots!)


mirrored chest | jewelry hooks | luggage (target alice & olivia) | D print (kirkland’s)

DSC04784bDSC04785bessie fiji | butterLONDON branwen’s feather | bow bracelet 

look at my seriously beautiful nonna. 


chair | monogrammed turkish towel | iPad case (kate spade) | beaded pillows ( cynthia rowley – marshall’s)


night stand | bookshelf (similar)


lamp base | candle | glass bird (from germany) | russian nesting doll (from alaska) | heart box (made by fancy pants)


okay, let’s not talk about how unorganized my nail polish is…


print (available in four colors!) | print


rug (marshall’s) | chandelier 

my beautiful sam edelman trench coat is making it’s appearance before italy!

bedding (target) | inspire pillow (cynthia rowley – marshall’s) | tufted headboard | wall flowers (kirkland’s) 

I hope you enjoyed this bedroom tour. I had a lot of fun taking these and can’t wait to show you my closet…when it’s not a total disaster.

Dan xx

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Thanksgiving Desserts and Decor

Thanksgiving is a huge deal for my family. Every year since I can remember my whole family (mom’s and dad’s sides) have headed to my uncle and his wife’s house to celebrate and show our thanks for our wonderful family. Being that I was a baking and pastry student, there are high expectations for what I’ll provide for dessert for Thanksgiving. Hello pinterest! I’ve included not only some recipes, but some cute decor ideas. I’m straying away from the norm of pumpkin or pecan pie. (Last year I worked at a bakery and I filled over 800 pumpkin pies myself, so I still have a problem with the smell of pumpkin pie hahaha).


Golden Harvest Thanksgiving Table (source) – a classy and glittery table setting

Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats (source) – super precious and easy no bake treat

The Thankful Tree (source) – a great way for all guests to say what they’re thankful for and display it for all to see

Cran-Limoncello (source) – cheerful and festive themed cocktail

Pumpkin Swirl Brownies (source) – one of the desserts I made last year that was a huge hit!

Corn Place Cards (source) – the cutest and most creative looking place cards I’ve ever seen & edible too!

Pumpkin Cheesecake Trifles (source) – simple, but beautifully delish layered dessert

If you have any favorite Thanksgiving themed desserts, please please share them with me. I’m still looking for ideas!!

xx – Dan

Desk Revamped

All empty and ready for me to attack with color and fun!

If you follow me elsewhere, you’ll know that I finally finally finaaaaallly got my own office complete with a brand spankin’ new desk. I moved all my crap from my old desk into my new office yesterday morning and it was a huge project. I had accumulated way more than anticipated, so I had to get rid of a lot of it to make room for my new deskcessories (desk accessories). It’s a work in progress for sure, but I wanted to share some of the cute new additions to my desk.

My stark white desk made it very easy to add lots of color. For the whole office I decided on a Peacock color scheme: blues, greens, and purples. I wanted the desk to be very simple with little fun additions here and there.

I loooove the Clear Magazine Files for all of my bright notebooks and folders. They help me see everything while still being sleek. I already had the glass containers for my Sharpies and my Pens/Highlighters from the Dollar store. I also added that little fancy black D from Hobby Lobby.

Those glass bottles were on sale at Hobby Lobby here and here. They come in a variety of colors, so they were easy to accent to the room. I bought some Peacock feathers to place in them to tie in the theme. I picked up the precious silver owl for a mere $5 for extra character. Those little shot glasses are perfect for thumbtacks and paperclips.

I love having a place to put my envelopes and  favorite stationary that coordinates with my magazine files. I found the Mini Message Sorter in black on the Staples website, but I found the clear in store.

I’m excited with the progress so far! There’s a lot more to be shown from my office including a few precious DIY projects I worked on, so stay tuned!

xx – Dan

Pumpkin Decorating

I love love love pumpkins! It’s been a family tradition since I was so little that we decorate or carve pumpkins. Most of y’all also have that super fun tradition. Every year it’s always a fun challenge to out do your pumpkin for the year prior and of course go above the other members of your family. I come from a very crafty and artistic family. Just this morning my mom and I were comparing ideas for our pumpkins this year, so I thought about how perfect of a post that would be. These are some of the ideas I’m toying around with that I wanted to share with you guys. I can’t wait to share my finalized pumpkin and those of my mom and brother.


Polka Dotted White Pumpkin

Tiered Pastel Painted Pumpkins

Glamorous Pumpkin with Black Rhinestones 

Personalized Pumpkin with a Bow

White Chevron Pumpkin

Glittered Pumpkins

Sequin Striped Pumpkin

Fanged Pumpkins 

Crazy Color Painted Pumpkins with Glitter

If you have any cute pumpkin ideas, send ’em my way!! I’m still looking for more pumpkspiration before Halloween ;)!

xx – Dan