Saturday Instagram Recap

Pearls and Curls

This has already started out to be an amazing weekend and it’s only Saturday morning!! For the past few weeks my best friend from Scotland, Emma, has been in town and getting to see her has been so fabulous. Last night was no exception. Drinks, cheesecake, and hot tubbing. SO fun! I can’t wait till the rest of this weekend’s pictures ending up on next week’s recap with the Cardinals Pre Season Game today vs the Cowboys (ew) and mine and Fancy Pants’ two year anniversary! It’s sure to be a great one! As always, I’m linking up with Sara at Pearls and Curls, click on that link or on the button above to link up too! ALSO, if you so choose you can follow me on instagram for all the latest and greatest (@Daniefaz) !!
instagram-08-17-1casual selfie | new converse | olive garden date night | the usual in class for me and FP (you pick which notebook is which haha)

instagram-08-17-2me & emma at the cheesecake factory | our newest employee: angry kitty (like grumpy cat only worse) | tgif and my SO sweet card from sara | wednesday night and the picture that BLAIR FOWLER LIKED AND TWEETED ME BACK ON…I DIED (#beautyguruobsessions)

Dan xx

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