Thursday Pick Me Up

ee-cummings-quoteI think that working in an adult job for over a year now has made me far too serious. I get bothered by the littlest things and let them completely consume or ruin my whole day. Every day, you should find time to laugh even when you’re having a bad day.  You should find joy in the things that are pretty ridiculous in your life especially the things you can’t control. If you think you don’t have those moments, it’s because you’re looking at them as life ruiners instead of life makers. Make those moments make you appreciate being alive and having the ability to laugh still. Even in the two years that FP and I have been together, I know I’ve let the seriousness and monotony control my day to day life, but watching back our early vlogs, it was great to see how much I laughed at the really stupid moments that happened just while we drove.

When your pants split or your top knot gets caught in a tree or you get hit by a bicycle and fall into a bush, just laugh it off because telling those stories (as embarrassing as they are) are going to make other people laugh and be able to get out of the seriousness of their day. Enjoy life, kids. Laugh it off and have a fabulous Thursday!

Dan xx

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