San Diego Recap

DSC04127bIt’s always better late than never in my book. I’m finally posting my San Diego recap. San Diego is probably my favorite place in the world. If I could live anywhere, it’d be here. I’ve been here no less than 15 times and I find something new to fall in love with every time. It also holds a special place in my heart because the first time I went was the last family vacation when my parents were still together and it was also the first vacation that Fancy Pants and I took together for his 19th birthday. This trip was solely intended for the OMBAC Over the Line Championship which FP and I both played in. (If you don’t know what Over the Line is, I have pictures below or just google it haha) We played all day Saturday, but were able to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying SD and the beautiful California sunshine!

DSC04103bFriday: We used Friday to explore the area around our hotel: the Hilton Bayfront. In all of the times I’ve been to SD, I had never been in this area near the Padres stadium. It was really cool to be downtown even though we got a bit lost. Fancy Pants also took me to Seaport Village which is like a town within SD and it was absolutely perfect right on the water. You must must MUST go. We ate a delicious dinner with a view of the bay at the Harbor House. The whole night was perfect just getting to walk for miles even though I had blisters for days.
DSC04132bSaturday: The day started bright and early at Fiesta Island as in 6:30 am early. The day drinking had already begun even before the first balls were hit at 7:30, so you can imagine what it was like by 7:30 that night. The boys played consistently well all day and didn’t lose their first game until around 2 pm which was awesome. The girls on the other hand started the day with the bye and we didn’t even play once until after 1 which was ridiculous. The boys were one game away from making it to the next round the following weekend which was awesome  for them, but unfortunately our team were literally 2 and done because of the double elimination. We went home in a packed SUV of 7 with sunburns and exhaustion.
DSC04192bSunday: SEAWORLD DAY! Seriously, I was pumped for this all weekend. Ever since we didn’t get to go for my birthday, I’ve been dying to go. Fancy Pants and I both love Sea World and hadn’t been in years and were stoked to go! We had an amazing day full of shows, KILLER WHALES, sea animals, laughing, and lathering each other with aloe and sunscreen all day. Thank you so much hun for the best day ever and also making me face my fear of heights with the scary Bayside Skyride that ironically had the best views of the whole city! (prepare for picture overload because we couldn’t get enough!)
DSC04396bMonday: We decided to spend our last day on Coronado Island at the beach. We caught the ferry behind our hotel in the morning and walked all the way through town to the Hotel del Coronado, which is again, one of my favorite places. (What isn’t though?) Being on the beach and island with FP was the perfect end to an amazing trip.
DSC04460bI think it’s a bit obvious by the pictures that we had an incredible time and it was the perfect summer getaway. I literally have no idea how I’m going to document our two and half week vacation to Italy without literally creating a whole separate blog. haha, but we’ll cross that bridge in October when we get there. ;)


Dan xx

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3 thoughts on “San Diego Recap

  1. Your pictures came out SO good! I need to get a bad ass camera like yours. I especially love the shots of the whales :) ps tell FP his arm looks jacked in the pic with your matching tanks.

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