Saturday Instagram Recap

Pearls and Curls

instagram-07-27-13-1Me & the almost new momma! | new favorite glosses on recommendation from the wonderful, Frances | B’s Birthday Party | #tbt to that one memorial day weekend up at sexy girlfriend’s cabin where it snowed. 
instagram-7-27-13-2#tbt to bid day 2009 with B | sick day bahama bucks with Fancy Pants | tagging his truck with love notes | opi designer de better

I’m linking up with Sara at Pearls & Curls, so go check out her blog and link up as well! I hope you guys are all having a fabulous weekend. I will be spending most of my day in bed because I’m still feeling yuck and I have lots of blog planning in the works!  Random, but if you love my weekly notes and my thursday pick me ups, please like me on facebook because I post a lot more of that type of stuff on there on the reg, plus you’ll have a one up once I have a giveaway! ;)

Dan xx

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