Weekly Notes


This is the quote currently found on the white board in my newly rearranged office. I thought about how accurate it was that I keep pushing for things to happen that just won’t happen. The only result of beating on a wall for too long is you’ll end up hurting yourself not the wall. Because it just won’t open the opportunities of a door. If you’ve noticed (I hope you’ve noticed!) that I haven’t been posting on MGD this week and it’s Wednesday…wahhh!? Yeah. Just too much swirling around in my head and in my life to get a legitimate post together.  I have 4 drafts written, yuck! So I figured a Weekly Notes post was the easiest way to hopefully get me out of this rut.

  • Some weeks are just crap, but there’s always little reminders of the good in your life.
  • You can’t control other people’s actions, you can only control how you react.
  • If your windshield wiper blade is broken, get it fixed asap because it will rain and you’ll regret not being able to see while driving home.
  • Don’t try to get through 6 one hour tv shows on your DVR before bed because you will fall asleep on the couch and not wake up until 5:30 am and that SUCKS.
  • If you’re ready to talk about something, talk. If you don’t want to talk or you’re not ready, don’t. Not speaking is better than saying things you’ll regret, in my opinion.
  • When your office is in shambles with everything all over the floor and it’s time for you to go home, take the time to clean it up because if you’re anything like me, you will end up coming back at 7:30 that night and clean it up anyway.
  • Sorry I’m not sorry, it’s legitimate to be ridiculously excited that Kate finally gave birth to the new heir to the throne, A PRINCE!
  • If things are great, say they’re great. It will boost your morale!
  • Sometimes people talk in circles, they say things just to get a rise out of you, or to get your approval, those people are the honey dew in your fruit salad. ;) (Thanks Coral)
  • If you want to rap to, “Super Bass, do it and even video Snapchat it to all of those wonderful people that will appreciate something so ridiculous.
  • Seek the doors and open them, stop beating on walls.

Dan xx

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One thought on “Weekly Notes

  1. Danielle, this post is perfect. From the quote to the little snippets (& obly my shout out!), I can tell that you’re well on your way to a mental/emotional detox. Add in our new plan, and I just know all the odds are in your favor. Stay fabulous & keep sending those snap videos LOL! xoxo, Coral

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