Thursday Pick Me Up

Booker-T-Washington-QuoteWhile this quote almost seems depressing, the thought of being alone vs. being surrounded by crappy people is actually even sadder. I’ve found this to be true in every stage of my life so far. Nothing good comes from keeping bad company. This was one lesson my mom tried to teach me for so long. And through middle school and high school, I wanted to keep seeing and talking to people that weren’t so good for me despite her reservations. Now looking back on so many failed friendships/relationships, I realize how right she was. Those “bad people” aren’t always influencing law breaking decisions, but decisions that strip your happiness and dreams. They keep you from enjoying your life. Isn’t that enough of a reason to associate yourself with better people that only lift you up? Everything and everyone that comes into your life is for a reason, but when you start to see the negative influence they have on you, you need to choose what’s best for you and for your life. So take a second to look around and see the company you associate with and decide whether they are of good quality or not.

Dan xx

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One thought on “Thursday Pick Me Up

  1. We do have to place limits on whom and what we allow in our world. There are people, places and things we are better off without. This list includes relatives, and others who otherwise would be close if not for the damage they do to your well-being. But it all comes down to one thing; it is how you think. Whatever we feel, do, say, or allow to be done to us, is because of how we think. If not for that, we would not put ourselves where there is no benefit only hurt and pain. When we put ourselves in harm’s way, it is a true sign of insecurity and low self-esteem and it starts in childhood.

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