Friday Link Love

friday-link-love-headerI hope everyone had a great 4th! I went to see The Heat (SO hilar!) with my mom and Grims. Fancy Pants and I went to dinner and parked in a dirt lot to watch nearby fireworks while sitting on the bed of his truck. It was really really laid back and nice. (Instagram video of Fancy Pants talking during the fireworks found here.) Too bad I had to work today. :(b7b800cce51c11e2a6de22000a1fb5b7_7What July4th outfit would be complete without obnoxious ‘MERICA themed shorts?! Seriously.

I wanted to share a few of the things I was loving this week even though it’s almost 2:00 on Friday. I wanted to whip one post out for today. Better late than never right?

  • You should start out July with the most fun iPhone/iPad/Computer background ever from Harriet Ann Creative. Red, white, and blue with adorable LOBSTERS just screams summer!
  • Currently my favorite songheard it everywhere all the time in LA and now it’s just everywhere and I love. It just makes me wanna groove out all the time. (Do people say that? …No? Okay then it’s still awesome.)
  • Um, hello cutest striped dress. Caroline in the City styled this amazing dress with those adorable booties. Must have all.
  • Need to make a breakout less noticeable asap!? I tried this quick trick with Advil Liquigels and it worked like a charm to remove redness and reduce the size!
  • Denim shorts are an absolute summer must have living in Arizona, but lots of girls don’t know how to wear them day to day without looking like you’re a beach bum. Katie of Katie’s Bliss shares how she styles them, impeccably I might add, and links to other fashionable ladies who do too!
  • I just need this Aphrodite USB Hub for my desk because quite frankly, I have too many USB things to plug in all the time. Plus it’s fabulous.
  • Landon Austin’s version of Avril Lavigne’s  “Here’s to Never Growing Up,” has been on repeat all day.

What are your favorite finds for this week? Share them in the comments. :)
Dan xx
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