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If you’re in the fashion and beauty world, chances are you’ve heard of the app, PoseBut if you haven’t, in a nutshell it’s a real time way to showcase what you’re wearing and loving with millions of the other fashion obsessed. It’s an amazing way to connect with other real people, real bloggers, and real celebrities, basically anyone who wants you to see their style. You can look up trends, different ways to wear items, and follow all of those people who inspire your style through your Stream. I use it as an instant way to share my outfits with my followers directly through Pose (either online or on the iOS or Android app) and the social media (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr) it links to! It’s quick, easy, and so much fun to tag your own pictures with the items to show everyone what you’re wearing from your top right down to your blush color. It’s amazing. Here’s a little run down of how it works:


Upload or take a picture from your phone. Decide what layout: either one big picture or a few different in a collage format. Begin tagging the items in your look by just tapping on the item, selecting a category from clothing pieces, shoes, makeup etc., then type and select the brand. When you’re all done, you’ll see all of the tags on your picture and you can add text and choose where you want to share it: facebook, twitter, tumblr. Ta-da it’s uploaded to your stream of people you follow and also to all of your chosen social networking sites! It’s an Outfit of the Day in Under 10 minutes. I love using it to put up quick OOTD’s that never make it up on the blog for whatever reason.

Even if you don’t post your own outfits, you can always share collages of items you’re loving or just follow others for consistent style inspiration. It also has an awesome feature to see the ways people are wearing certain trends or clothing pieces if you’re looking for new ideas! Definitely check it out and also follow my Pose profile here, so I can follow you back. :) By the way, if you haven’t seen the full look that I used in my pose example, go look here.

Dan xx

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*Disclaimer: I was chosen for this Pose campaign via BrandBacker. I am not being paid to share this with you, but will possibly receive some exposure for Miss Glam Dan. If you have any questions, please contact me by email.


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