Weekend Shenanigans Link Up

Sami's Shenanigans
While I try to get used to WordPress’ weird new black and white posting layout, I figured since I have no outfit of worth today I’d share what I did this weekend. I’m linking up with Sami’s Shenanigans today!
Friday- I counted down the hours till I was off of work and headed home. I picked up my Schnooks from summer day camp and we went home and hung out. I embarked on a new Netflix series, 90210, because I wanted to acquaint myself with the zipcode I’d be staying in the following weekend. So far, it’s shallow, mindless, and perfect for a Friday relax. This is the the reboot of the original 90s series where there’s all new characters with the occasional pop in of Jennie Garth and Shannon whatsherface. Vance and I headed to see, This is the End, in theaters. Basically it’s an apocalyptic comedy filled with anyone who’s been in any Seth Rogen comedy movie for the last 5 years and also Rihanna and Emma Watson. Random. It was funny, but the stupid funny that you’ll find  in Superbad, Pineapple Express, or any other Seth Rogen esque film. We laughed a lot and I didn’t fall asleep which is a huge plus and almost never happens.
Saturday- Went to breakfast and did a little shopping with my mom and brothers to start the day. One of my closest friends, Alex, was in town from California and I haven’t seen him in a few months so we went to Starbucks to catch up for a few hours! :) Then it was time for Softball Saturday to see Fancy Pants and his team play. Unfortunately this week, the games were at 3:30 & 4:30 in the afternoon in the sweltering 110 degrees. No big deal, but there was sweat dripping off me. Why I wore my hair down is beyond me. Bonus, I did get a decent tan. We followed the games with pizza with the team as usual. Fancy Pants also put on a mullet wig, so there was that.
Photo Jun 15, 10 23 17 AM
Schnooks and I at Breakfast
Photo Jun 15, 4 38 37 PM
Alex and I after Starbucks
Photo Jun 15, 5 52 06 PM
No caption necessary, really.
Sunday- I started out the day with some more 90210 and Monsters Inc in bed which was perfect. Mom and I got bagels and ran a few errands including stopping by to see my Dad to wish him a happy father’s day!! :) I got ready and headed to church with the fambam. After church, our typical dinner group grew by quite a lot (a total of 22 to be exact) to celebrate Father’s Day at Red Robin. Nothing is more fun than having to remember the number of what check you’re on because there’s so many of us. haha. I finished the night relaxing with Fancy Pants and as usual dreading the impending Monday.
Happy Father’s Day to this crazy who clearly made three even craziers.
DSC03763Only half of the table
DSC03773My cousins
xx – Dan

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