Thursday Pick Me Up


Today’s pick me up may be for me more than anyone, but if it helps you too then wonderful! I’ve been sick and when I’m sick, I get in a bad mood. I stumbled across this video that I’m posting below a few weeks ago and it’s REALLY powerful, like it will change your outlook on life. Here’s a little background in case you don’t know. Zach Sobiech was an 18 year old kid who was diagnosed with Osteoarcoma, a rare bone cancer, at age 14 and in 2012, given just months to a year to live. Instead of falling into a pit of despair and misery, he turned to music and a pure joy for living. He recorded this song, “Clouds,” as a way to say goodbye to his loved ones and it went viral, even celebrities went to the internet to sing this song in tribute to him. His zest for life was apparent and contagious. He reminded me of this older woman who was a real estate agent at my parents company since I can remember. She was one of the kindest and warmest people to ever step foot into this office. She was always genuinely interested in everyone around her and always asked me about what was going on in my life and how I was doing in school. She got really sick and fought for a few years, much like Zach. But Nancy’s spirit was still as bright and warm as ever. She, like Zach (past away May 20, 2013), lost her battle just yesterday, but her infectious spirit and warm heart will live on in the memories of anyone who came in contact with her. I know each day has its gripes and sometimes you just want to fall into a pit and not get out. I may have a bad mood, but these people were fighting tough battles with cancer and they continued to inspire and comfort those around them with their positivity and hope instead of being miserable. It’s a beautiful way to live that I think all of us should strive for every day. Maybe we were never given a number of days that we were “set to live,” but shouldn’t that be more of a reason to live for each of them since any day could be our last.

I know the video is 22 minutes long, but it will be WELL worth your while if you take the time out of your day to watch.

xx – Dan


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