Weekly Notes



I hate hate hate being absent from my blog, but it’s been a bit of busy week. With busy weeks come lots of lessons about life and I thought today would be a perfect day to share some weekly notes: good and bad alike. I like to think of these as notes to myself to remember from the past week.

  • Worrying doesn’t make anything any easier. 
  • High end makeup isn’t always better than the drug store, but sometimes it is like that Chanel bronzer you never knew you needed.
  • You only need one dress for your brother’s high school graduation as my mom so kindly pointed out.
  • You might have a mental breakdown or two in front of a few people at work and sometimes the only cure is to pack up your stuff and head home to a cozy bed with Sister Wives on loop all day.
  • Stress will absolutely manifest itself in your skin and the way you feel, so go get that facial if you’re feeling stressed.
  • Write things down. Don’t find yourself forgetting the stupidest things just because you didn’t take a minute to write it down.
  • When Over the Line Softballs hit you in the thigh, it will hurt, and leave you with a zombie like bruise that will make wearing jeans painful. (I’ll spare you the picture because it’s gruesome.)
  • Good conversations and good food will make you lose track of time.
  • It will feel great to drive your own car again after almost a month spent in the shop!!
  • Internet friends are underrated. I can call one of my lovelies who’s in Florida (who I’ve never talked to on the phone ever) and vent on a Sunday morning and she’ll listen and just get it. (I’m looking at you, Coral. You’re the best!)
  • Make sure when you’re trying to text someone about splitting your pants, you actually text it to them and not accidentally post it as Facebook status. (Real talk haha.)  But if that happens, laugh it off because it really is quite hilarious.

xx – Dan


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