Friday Favorites: Apps Edition

I always thought it was pretty ridiculous that people did what’s on my iPhone/iPad posts/videos or favorite apps, but when I got my iPhone it was SUPER helpful and fun to sort through these and find some really fabulous apps. I figured I’d share a few of mine as my Friday Favorites this week. (These are beyond the usual Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Bloglovin obviously.)



  • Running with Friends– Just like all the rest of those competing against other people apps, this one is just bull running. It’s fun, it’s mindless, just remember to turn off the sound notifications because there’s nothing professional about your phone saying Ole! when you’re in a meeting and one of your friends wants to play. haha
  • Vine– One of the newest forms of social media that is for you to create short videos on a loop to share with your people.
  • Snapchat– My addiction. It’s basically an app for picture/video messaging but you put a time limit on how long someone can see the picture and then it’s gone forever (unless that person screenshots it haha). You can also send it to as many people in your friends as you’d like! If you’re lucky (or unlucky) enough to be my Snapchat friend, you frequently see me looking gruesome. That’s really the purpose of Snapchat anyway.
  • Clear– This is the best to do list app ever. It’s interactive because you can swipe and pull and whatnot when you finish tasks, need to create new ones, and you can create more than one and store them in your iCloud. It’s $1.99, but well worth it if you need some organization in your life.
  • FallDown! 2– Another mindless game of just trying to get the little ball to drop down as many levels as you can without letting the laser beam get to it. It’s a great time waster, I promise you.
  • Dropbox– I fought hard not to like Dropbox ever since I was required to get an account for work, but I love it now. It brings all of your documents, pictures, videos, into one central location for easy access, so you’re not always emailing everything to yourself. I have it on my Macbook, my iPhone, my iPad, and online. You can even share folders with other people, so they can access files they need too! Great for work and home!
  • JustWink– This is a fun greeting card maker that you can send via real mail, text message, facebook, or twitter! There’s over 200 cards for every occasion that you can personalize with a picture, message, and your signature! It’s a perfect pick me up for anyone!
  • A Beautiful Mess– This has recently become popular on Instagram and I’m in love! It’s a paid photo editing app with fun filters, fonts, doodles, and borders! It’s so adorable. There’s different packs you can buy for more fonts, doodles, and borders too, but even the ones built in are fabulous!
  • Paper– This is one of my all time favorite apps. It’s an iPad only app that you create notes, sketches, diagrams, or drawings on! It’s free, but you can buy the additional writing tools. There’s tons of colors too! I love using this to take notes and just sketch or send sweet messages during the day via Snapchat.

What are your favorites that I should absolutely check out asap!?

xx – Dan


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