Saturday Instagram Recap



For some reason, even though it’s a weekly link up, I always forget to actually queue my Saturday Instagram Recap because of my crazy Friday nights probably. (Just kidding, I watched Scandal in my sweats and ate Sonic take out with Fancy Pants!) I just got home from a baby shower for my cousin, so you’ll see that outfit tomorrow, but for now here’s my recap of the week’s instagrams. You’re also welcome to link up with Pearls and Curls too and also follow me on Instagram (@Daniefaz) for even more shenanigans of sorts.



essie bazooka

4a25fe62b04f11e29c8b22000a9f18f4_7bella loves the scratches

5add30fcb2d611e2b3f322000a1f96e5_7fancy pants getting swoll on our bf/gf gym date

7c543cecb21511e2895f22000a9e4895_7Coop got a haircut!

18c57f8eb4d511e2a3ff22000a1fb762_7Matte pink nails and Silver Linings Playbook that Fancy Pants bought for me!

41dc82f6b1ff11e29bea22000a1f90d2_7A fabulously witty and funny quick read that literally makes me feel a lot better about myself haha.

44e6b162b1bc11e28d5422000aa8025b_7Sally Hansen Pacific Blue with Revlon Matte Top Coat (OBSESSEDDDDD!)

355d9268b15011e2826f22000a9f13e9_7I love the looking at my nightstand from my bed. 

506e16f2b13e11e2a58122000a9d0ed5_7Pre gym mirror selfie

c2c1d896b2ac11e297b922000a1fa527_7New Olivia + Joy Bag

c37801c8b3a311e2b4cc22000a1fbe13_7One of my many favorite shots from Ella’s Birthday Photoshoot.

xx – Dan 



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