Thursday Pick Me Up on: Success

10 years to become an overnight success

Sometimes you’re really down. You’re just feeling off. You can’t focus, you can’t get a groove or gain momentum, you have all of these ideas that you just cannot for the life of you put into action. It sucks. The worst part about feeling like that about yourself is when you couple that with the green eyed monster of jealousy of other people getting stuff done, making things happen, and being successful. Why can’t I be like them? Why don’t I have this or that like they do? Why are they freaking successful and I’m sitting here at the bottom of this pit of crap that I can’t get out of? We’re ALL guilty of this wishing and wanting success, while hating the success of another. One of my favorite quotes like in the history of forever is that one above and I have to 150% credit that to one of my favorite motivators, cheerleaders, and close friends, Kimberly.

Think about it. Say it out loud. Ponder it. “It takes 10 years to become an overnight success.” Everyone struggles before they “get successful,” per say. There’s so much time before that big deal, that 500th follower, that box office movie that most people don’t see. There’s work and time and so much energy involved into that success story. That’s why I think we’re all so fascinated with E True Hollywood Stories of So & So because it shows that they started out right where we were. Maybe with a bit more natural talent, but you’ll never see them just sitting on rock waiting and allowing the negativity to fill their life until they get where they want to be. They worked their asses off even through the crappy weeks like you might be having.

Alex Beadon posted this on her Facebook yesterday and it really resonated with me about the success of others, so I highly suggest you watch it for some motivation, inspiration, and your Thursday pick me up, so your week can finish out more productive than the direction it’s headed in! It’s a long video, but take some time because face it, you’re just surfing twitter anyway.

Be patient. Your time will come. Don’t give up. Make it happen. Remember, you have 10 years. ;)

xx – Dan

P.S. I’d like to congratulate Kimmie on how far she’s come just this year with Harriet Ann Creative. I’m so proud of her and I can’t wait to see her next 9 years!


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