Weekly Notes



This week has been a bit wonky. Some days were great, others not so much. As with any week, lessons are always to be learned. Sometimes they’re a bit harsher than we would like. But God always has a way of having things work out according to his plan. Today will be great though. It’s our first quarter office meeting and I’m speaking in front of everyone (give or take 150 people, nbd) about some projects I’ve been working on. I don’t know why, but I have such a weird fear of public speaking. While you’re thinking, oh yeah that happens to almost everyone it shouldn’t happen to me. I actually won Spokesmodel competitions in beauty pageants as in public speaking and I was all of about 12 years old. Go figure. I’m trying  to avoid thinking about it because I will have a nervy b and probably pass out in front of those 150 people. On to the weekly notes…

  • Seeing your own flowers bloom, even if they’re Poppies from the Target $1 section, is really REALLY exciting.
  • Silly snapchats from my favorite people are the best.
    photo 1Kaity’s encounter with geese.
  • Listening to Alex Goot on Youtube all day leads to exorbitant of productivity. (I HIGLY recommend listening to, “Lightning.”)
  • Photoshop Actions are revolutionary. I don’t know where they’ve been all my life. (Thanks Alex Beadon!)
  • Finding a shopping cart outside your office and riding around in it is always well deserved.
    photo 2Really casual cart rides with Mindy.
  • If your car is shaking if you’re going above 10 mph, there’s probably something wrong and you should suck it up and take it in for service.
  • Always, ALWAYS keep your trunk clean because when said car is shaking and your tire blows on the highway, your dad will be so angry he can’t get to your spare tire under all of your s**t.
    photo 3No way was I going to show you a picture of my disaster of a trunk! Just my sad Lola :(.
  • Communication is everything in a relationship. If you can talk it out, there will always be a solution.
  • Sometimes the cure to a bad day is going out to the softball field for batting practice with Fancy Pants. (Actually, it always cures bad days especially when you don’t have anything else to wear except a LBD, so he gives you his shorts and you match.)
    photo 4Am I really a fashion blogger with that get up? 
  • Always channel negative energy into something positive. I, as you can see, revamped my blog when I was in a bad mood and it got me out of the funk. :)
  • Hard work always always pays off in the long run.

It is Friday, so TGIBO everyone! ;) And say a quick prayer for me and my speech today!!

xx – Dan


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