Fabulous 100 Giveaway Winner Announced

First of all, I want to extend a huge HUGE thank you to my two amazing giveaway sponsors: Hope’s & Harriet Ann Creative. These ladies are such a wonderful blessing and I’m so appreciate of their support and contributions to my giveaway! Without them, it would not have been even close to as successful as it was (277 ENTRIES Y’ALL!!). I’d also like to thank each one of you that took the time to enter. I wish I could give you all prizes! The positive thing is that because of how much I enjoyed hosting this giveaway, I’ll be having another one in the beginning of May!! So keep your eyes peeled on my twitter, instagram, and on here for news on that! :) Without further ado, I’d like to congratulate…miss Brittney Whalen!!


Congratulations Brittney!! To claim your Hope’s $100 Cash, LUSH giftcard, nail polish, and tank top, please email your info to: me (faziodaniellen@gmail.com) and to Hope’s (hopes319@yahoo.com), so we can get that all squared away asap. :) I will also be passing along your info to Kimberly of Harriet Ann Creative for the monogram note cards.

Oh yes and please hop over to the HAC blog for an Earth Week 50% off special on digital items and a fabulous monogram notecard deal if you didn’t win! Again, thank you to everyone else who has found my blog through this giveaway and to those of you who have been supporting me even at 5 followers! I’m so grateful for each and every one of you.

xx – Dan


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