Saturday Instagram Recap

insta copyLucky 13th Recap on the 13th!!  This was a special week for me, I reached my all time high of followers and views thanks to this fabulous giveaway!!! I felt like the luckiest duck in the world thanks to all of you wonderful supporters out there! But besides being sick, it was a pretty solid week. Once again I’m linking up with Pearls and Curls, so y’all should hop over there and link up as well. ALSO, if you haven’t entered my giveaway, click above or in my sidebar and do so! ;)


It sure didn’t feel like Friday yesterday.


Softball Saturdays!


#NationalSiblingDay We’re the three best friends that anyone could have.


Selfie Sunday!


A little treat from Fancy Pants! :)


My parents empty front yard is no more!!


New Colour Riche Balms in beautiful pastel blue and baby pink shades.


Just one more reminder about the giveaway ;)


One of my Lilly filled packages from Ruelala.


#ThrowbackThursday Senior Prom

xx – Dan


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