Thoughts About Love


While things seem to be spinning out of control at the moment and I’m really just trying to get a grasp on everything that seems to be changing, I’ve been blessed with one constant: Fancy Pants. He’s this wonderful person, this light in my life. I’ve had a few questions about him and our relationship and yada yada. I didn’t want to bore you guys TOO MUCH. But I met him four years ago when I was his tutor my senior year of high school and he was the student (almost 2 years younger than me). I know, how freaking cliche?! He caught me instantly with his infectious energy and the way he made me laugh.

I’m pleased to say that those things I fell for in the beginning are still two of the MANY things that I fall in love with every day. Him and I have both been in less than desirable relationships with fighting and crappy stuff. While those things sucked, we were able to walk into this one with a different view and a fresh take on love. He’s much more of a support than I’ve ever found in anyone. He has a very special way of cutting to the core of my worrying and anxiety about problems and reminding me of what matters. He keeps me grounded. I never realized how important it is to find someone like that until I had him and my bad days were never awful because he was always there. I prayed to find that fit in my life. I know I’m not making much sense with my rambly thoughts and what not, but the whole point was just to say how you need to find someone who creates balance in your life, not chaos.

Vee, you’re basically the sunshine in my sky and here we are on the edge of something so wonderful and scary. But I’m so ready to jump with your hand in mine. If it’s meant to be, God will make it happen. I’m so excited for the possibilities we have ahead of us for the next year and for the rest of our lives. I love you to the moon and back.


Always, Danielle


One thought on “Thoughts About Love

  1. LOVE THIS. So true and so happy you have this! This is the sort of relationship others should strive for! So glad he is taking you to the ocean, can’t wait to be closer!!

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