Five Things.

Let me hop on the Five Things bandwagon before it becomes uncool to do so. I’ve seen this pop up on numerous blogs I follow on my Bloglovin and since I was sort of at a loss for words for a post today, here it is. Basically you post five things about yourself and tag five others, simple enough right?

Photo on 3-25-13 at 8.53 AM #3

  1. I’ve had a big personality since day one. My parents tell stories of me constantly wanting every bit of attention on me. I used to parade around the house singing and dancing to every song in the book. One of my personal faves was, “I Like to Move it, Move it.” Classic. They even had me doing modeling and acting in addition to dance classes from age 2. 
  2. I highly associate songs to memories and experiences. I know most people do this, but I am to the point of if a song reminds me of a bad memory, I can’t even listen to it without crying.  On the other hand, there’s songs that remind of really great memories that I may have heard after something happened or in the background, that I will forever associate with a person or event, example: “Just a Kiss,” by Lady Antebellum came on the radio immediately following mine and Fancy Pants’ first kiss on our first date.
  3. I try to justify the most ridiculous things like well I just returned something for $5, so I can justify spending $20 on a blush. I ran a few miles this morning or had to park far away in a parking lot, so I can justify eating 6 donuts. Well this turquoise polish leans more blue compared to the other 4 turquoise polishes I already own, so I justify purchasing it. I can go on and on with excuses.
  4. I’m the queen of awkward, “what is my life?” situations. Things just HAPPEN to ME and I’m just like why don’t I have a reality TV show crew recording me at all times. Some of these instances that happen on the reg: getting my topknot stuck in a tree as I’m walking out of Starbucks, having a bicyclist hit me on campus and me subsequently falling into a bush while they just kept riding, getting rammed into by a shopping cart of a mother trying to show her children how fast she could push the cart. I could go on and on and ON. I’m the resident laughing stock of the office with my stories.
  5. I’m a germaphobe thanks in part to Fancy Pants’ mom. I was always the girl with the hand sanitzer and then on my first trip with Fancy Pants and his family, his mom offered me hand sanitizing wipes before every single meal and I fell in love. I bought a 100 packet of wipe packets and mini Lysol spray and haven’t looked back. I Lysol door handles in my office, Clorox wipe my desk at least twice a week, Lysol public bathrooms (especially the ones at the parks for softball games ew), and use hand sanitizer every chance I get.

I tag Hannah (when she’s feeling up to it of course), Kimberly, Rebecca, Sara, and the lovely ladies at KATK. :)

xx – Dan


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