Saturday Instagram Recap

insta copySome weeks just fly by and others drag on like nobody’s business. This week dragged. I’ve been chasing the weekend since Monday practically. I started on the Tone it Up Meal Plan this week and it hasn’t been as difficult as I thought. (More on that in another post!) I’ve already lost 7 lbs which is fabulous because I’ve been eating mostly clean. Also I share in my post this week an adorable surprise package from the lovely Kimberly who blogs on Mornings at Pannikin and has recently launched Harriet Ann Creative which is a custom design company that specializes in stationary and event branding (invitations, thank yous, etc). I’m lucky enough to receive little notes and surprises (caramels, cookies) from Kimmie all the time, so I can attest to how great her work is. If you’re looking for stationary or things for your next party or get together, contact her:!!! As always, I’m linking up with Sara at With a Hint of Bourbon. The button is on her blog or in my sidebar! :)


Black out night out!


Chicken Breast and Steamed Veggies


Morning walks on Charity Miles


butterLONDON kerfuffle


Rearranged my desk


Throwback Thursday to celebrate my aunt’s birthday!


Easter cookies from Harriet Ann Creative!!


Friday night Fun Runs!


Packages from Hope’s and Shoemint!

xx – Dan


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