Saturday Instagram Recap

insta copy I’m linking up with Sara at Pearls and Curls (who has a fabulous new layout with accompanying S.I.R button), so if you’re posting your instagram recap of the week, definitely go link up! This week has been another crazy one with my aunt still in the hospital, I’ve been going from work to the hospital every day. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers for good news and speedy recovery. This weekend has been so wonderfully rainy. I’m enjoying every minute of blogging from my bed listening to the rain outside my window. I hope everyone had wonderful weeks and are enjoying their Saturday! If you’d like to follow me on instagram (@Daniefaz) or any other social media sites — check me out with those buttons right over there.


Fancy Pants at bat!


Anchor critter pants


Happy Birthday to my friend, Alex!


Super Novas enjoying a delish cookie cake.


NEW HAIR!!! :)


A wonderful package of HOMEMADE caramels from Kimmie at Mornings at Pannikin!


Clouds and blue skies after the rainstorm


Catching my brother eating my chips and salsa on the couch!

xx – Dan


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