Throwback Thursday: Fashion Outtakes

I thought that in honor of Throwback Thursday, I’d do a little humorous collage of the bad pictures taken for my blog that never make it to the actual posts. I don’t see many fashion bloggers do this and I think we all take ourselves a bit too seriously. I mean come on, we’re standing on streets posing (usually awkwardly) for pictures for our blogs. There’s something inherently funny about it. This is just a small snip it of the pictures I have on my iPhoto that make me look even more ridiculous thanks to my lovely brother who loves catching me at my most awkward. Enjoy!

DSC00609 DSC00649 (1) DSC00879.jpg DSC00935 DSC02075.jpg DSCN0049.jpg DSCN0261.jpg DSCN0288

xx – Dan


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