February 2013 Favorites

feb faves.jpg

Estee Lauder Double Wear Liquid Makeup New holy grail foundation!! As recommended by the beautiful Emily, I decided to give this a whirl and got matched at a counter at Dillards, got a sample, and fell in love. It has amazing coverage and the most INCREDIBLE staying power (even without powder), but it’s not heavy or cakey. I’ve gotten so many compliments and it’s not as pricey as a lot of other high end foundations. 

NARS Orgasm Powder BlushA lifetime favorite blush and it’s been my go to for a fabulous coral glow on my cheekbones. I love it with just foundation, mascara, and gloss for a natural look.

The Carrie Diaries- Are you surprised? No? Yeah I thought so. I loved this show from the first episode: the music (I have a playlist on my Spotify), the fashion (I’ve done two themed blog posts here & here), and the characters. I’m an eternal Sex & the City lover and I so enjoyed the book that inspired this prequel. Give it a shot on CW on Monday Nights.

Josie MaranThe whole brand. I got a 500 pt Sephora perk with all Josie Maran samples and I’ve so enjoyed each and every product: She’s known for her Argan Oil, which I’ve been adding to my night time moisturizer and also to the ends of my hair after I wash it. I’ve been taking off my makeup on the go with the soft Bear Naked Wipes and like a dream at night with the Argan Cleansing Oil. (The stand out for me) I also adore the adorably packaged Argan Lip Treatment for my dry lips.

Bikram Yoga- This is a love/hate favorite. I’ve done yoga prior to Bikram, but this was a whole different ballgame. 105 degrees, a whole lotta humidity, and not a whole lotta clothing was something I’ve never experienced even in Arizona. It was HARD, like make you feel awful hard, but afterwards I felt so fabulous. It was nice because I got to learn the poses because it was repetitive and my flexibility got better. The benefits are amazing for your body too.

Vans Canvas Authentic in Pool GreenI haven’t owned Vans since high school and I don’t know why because these have been such a casual go to for me. I love the color and they’re so comfortable.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex I got a sample of this award winning serum when I purchased the DoubleWear foundation and it’s been fabulous for my recovering skin. It’s been visibly helping my redness and hyperpigmentation and acne scarring after I apply it at night after cleansing.

Pimp my Speedy Bag Organizer for Speedy 35This is my two in one problem solver for my Speedy. It keeps the bottom from getting droopy and it also organizes the bottomless pocketless pit of a purse that I have. They have all the different sizes and the different interior colors. Use the code: speedy1 for an 8% discount!

Fight the Quiet: The City Below (link to preview clips)- I’m a bit biased when it comes to this album, but I am picky with my music. My best friend, Casey, is in this Alternative band and this is their new album dropping on April 16th. It’s been my go to in the car, in my office, everywhere. I love it. They’re so talented and their lyrics are so great. My favorite songs are Fireworks & Lead and Secrets and lucky for you Secrets is the first single off the album and it will be released TOMORROW on Amazon & iTunes!!! I highly recommend you check out Secrets tomorrow and The City Below on April 16th! I’ll also have a full album review for y’all soon. :)

xx – Dan


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