Saturday Instagram Recap

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Hi everyone!!! I’m putting this up Saturday afternoon while doing my hair. Better late than never! :) I’ve had a crazy week at work tackling some new projects including our company website. It’s a WordPress based site, so I’ve been able to tweak it with my current knowledge and add so many cool new features from various tutorials. It’s been a large undertaking, but I’m enjoying it. Also, my aunt is currently in the hospital following a heart surgery, so I’ve been back and forth with not much time in my week to spare. I wanted to still get some posts up this weekend though. :) As always, if you do an instagram recap, link up with Sara at With a Hint of Bourbon and grab that button on the side.


Out to dinner


OPI Can’t Find My Czechbook


Frozen lemonades at the Ren Fest


Amazing package from Hope’s


Even MORE amazing package from the wonderful Kimberly at Mornings at Pannikin


Reorganizing my closet


Nice reminder on the bookmark from my best friend, Hannah


Took Cooper to Schnook’s soccer game


B and I out celebrating her/Fancy Pants’ brother’s birthday


Isaiah 25:1


Throwback Thursday: All Tweed


“Obsess over a good idea.” A great thought in my Martha Stewart notebook!


Finding solace at Starbucks outside of the four walls of my office.

xx – Dan


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