Monday Motivation

After long stressful weeks, I am prone to mini explosions or crying break downs in odd places ie. this past Friday in the American Eagle dressing room. I am not one who enjoys telling people when I’m struggling or need help, so it usually results in moments like I had on Friday night. Fancy Pants recognized that and came over complete with a special trip to Sonic for a Cherry Coke in my pajamas. We came home and he told me to sit on his lap and he found this video on Youtube.

The words in this video are powerful ones about how hard life is, but it’s the ones about getting up and moving forward that are the most motivational. Everyone experiences those movements when we let the things of life and other people knock us down, but like Rocky says it truly is about how hard you can get hit and keep going. Use this video today to get through the tough things you’re going through as a reminder that you’re only as strong as you let yourself be. If you’re struggling right now, get up, keep moving forward, and win! Thank you to my lovely Fancy Pants for constantly motivating me and showing me things like this when I need them most. :) - Rocky Balboa Quote funny pics

xx – Dan


2 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

  1. I have SO much craziness going on right now and it’s been hard to keep my chin up some days. Let FP know that his go-to motivator is helping others, too. Despite all of our hardships, we ALL understand what it means to be down and out. What matters most though is how we react and our ability to carry on. :)

    • I’m glad this could help someone else too, Linds. :) You’re so right about everyone understanding what it’s like to be down and that it truly only matters how we carry on. :) xx

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