Saturday Instagram Recap

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I’m a little bit mad that I had to edit everything I wrote in here since for some reason WordPress never posted it yesterday. So Saturday Instagram Recap is comin’ at ya on Sunday…awk, but whatevs. My favorite weeks are the weeks spent with Fancy Pants and last week was one of them. From his tournament to Valentine’s, my time with him is always special. :) Sorry to get mush with you guys, but I’m just forwarning you for the pictures to follow. I’m linking up with S on her blog and y’all can link up and grab the button if you do too! As always, please follow me on instagram for more loveliness. :)


Fancy Pants being a champ at bat.


Just casually freezing wearing sweats over jeans at the tournament.


Prabal Gurung for Target


Peacock mugs are my thang.


Waking up to a disgusting amount of ice on my car.


Chicken Pasta Salad at Pita Jungle. yuuum


Coop sitting with mine and his Valentine’s gifts.


My funny Valentine.


“Every girl loves puppies.” – Fancy Pants’ reasoning for the card.


Getting Sonic Cherry Coke/Slushie and watching inspirational Rocky speeches on Youtube after a tough day.

xx – Dan


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