Saturday Instagram Recap

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I’ve finally found the energy and motivation to blog! I don’t know if I’m alone in this, but when I’m having a rough week even the things I enjoy become overwhelming. There’s not much to say about this week besides the fact that I’m glad it’s over. You’ll notice there are lots of pick me ups in these Instagram pictures for this week. I tried really hard to cheer myself up and when that didn’t work I turned to the lovelies I have in my life. :) As always, I’m linking up with lots of wonderful ladies at S’s blog for Instagram Recap, so if you do this post, grab her button over here, head over there, post your link, and find other blogs to fall in love with!


First day of Bikram Yoga!


essie no more film for superbowl sunday


seriously missing Mission Beach


new notebook


Big shopping day


Bits and bobs!


Joe’s BBQ dinner date! yuuum


But it really was my cup of tea!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Saturday! I’m spending my day watching Fancy Pants in an Over the Line tournament! :)

xx – Dan



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