Monday Motivation

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I think that the first Monday of the month always hits me the hardest, like what did I really accomplish in all  of last month? It’s not a great feeling unless you know you did do something productive and you have tangible evidence that it happened.

In my monthly favorites, I mentioned my emails with Kimberly. I didn’t really describe the contents of those emails or anything like that because it’s really all over the board. In a nutshell, it’s about accountability. We are sharing our dreams, plans, ideas, and goals and keeping each other accountable for them. It’s a great feeling to see what we’re working on to achieve this life we see ourselves having. So I know that my January was productive because those goals and ideas were sent in emails.

Having Kimberly has been an amazing tool (plus she’s  become a great friend!) to get on the right track to where I’d like to be in the next few months and the next few years. Her and I have decided that since our emails have been so productive for us, that we’d like to create almost a support group of sorts for other 20 somethings looking to create a business and wanting support/encouragement/brainstorming. It’s still in the early stages of planning-ish, but if you’d be interested please send me an email –  We’d love to have you aboard.

Back to the quote above, I think this is exactly what January was about for us. We weren’t happy just making a living, so we’re essentially designing a life. It’s an amazing feeling to make conscious steps toward that life. We decided that complacency isn’t an option and we’d like to have something different for ourselves. I hope that this might be the sign or the push you needed if you’re feeling stuck where you really don’t want to be on this Monday where you just need motivation. You don’t want to just be making a living at 40, you want to be happy about the life you’re living.

xx – Dan


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