Saturday Instagram Recap

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Happy February and Groundhog’s day everyone!! This week was mostly spent on the couch under blankets with tea. I caught some sort of bug that kept me from work and anything productive really. I’m seriously proud that I even got posts up. It was miserable to say the least. :( But without further ado, here’s this week’s pictures. As per the usuag, I’m linking up with the wonderful S on Pearls and Curls with a hint of Bourbon, so you should too!! :) P.S. you can always request to follow my instagram (@Daniefaz) if you just can’t possibly wait for this post each week! ;)


Reminders of my wonderful best friend, Hannah


Sunday Tea and Reading


eeeeeps Urban Decay Oz Glinda palette!!!


Maybelline Color Show in Navy Narcissist


Sick day position for 3 days




#ThrowbackThursday Little Brothers at my high school graduation




OPI Pink Friday

xx – Dan


4 thoughts on “Saturday Instagram Recap

    • OMG REBECCA! STOP. It’s the most amazing thing in the whole world. It’s an underbaked cookie in a round cake pan with scoops of icecream on top!! It’s so soft and hot and delicious. It totally melts in your melt.

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