#PackingProblems: On The Plane


I’m hating to break my challenge before I really even got started packing for Reno, but this trip isn’t going to be one for just a carry on. My friend who lives 20 minutes outside of where we’ll be sent me a picture of the weather and -15 degrees in the mid morning just isn’t going to fly with me. I think I’m going to do my Longchamp for on the plane in my seat, my striped Alice+Olivia for a carry on bag, and then one checked rolly duffle.

This post is just going to be dedicated to what I’m bringing in my Longchamp to have with me under my seat for the flight. These are the essentials.

longchamp on plane

Large Longchamp Tote in New NavyThis is one of the best totes for travel. It holds a lot and it’s easy to clean if it gets dirty.

Essence Gel Mask TravelmateMy skin gets extremely dry on airplanes, so I love these sheet masks for during the flight to keep my skin hydrated.

Scarf– I love wearing scarves in the airport, but I almost always get asked to take them off at security. Now I just throw one in my tote for the plane.

Airline Friendly Travel Bottles & Bag The bane of my travel experience is the carry on liquid limit. These little bags from Target make it so easy because they come with the bottles and in the ziplock ready for you to just whip out at the security check point.

Neck Pillow– This is perfect because those airplane seats aren’t the best for a sore neck or any neck for that matter.

Gum– For take off and landing obviously!

Wallet– This should be a no brainer, but I’ve almost forgotten my wallet with id and boarding passes on more than one occasion, so now I keep it handy in my tote for easy retrieval.

iPad– My entertainment for during the flight. I have my iBooks, games, music, and can even take notes  or anything like that.

Hand Sanitizing Wipes– Oh man I’m a germaphobe and don’t go anywhere without hand sanitizer, but when you’re limited on liquids, it’s vital to have the wipes handy on extra germy places like airplanes and airports especially during FLU SEASON!!!

xx – Dan


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