Saturday Instagram Recap

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Everyone you’ve made it to Saturday, congratulations! I anticipate Saturdays like nobody’s business. This week wasn’t too bad actually, but the weekends are always MUCH better than any weekday haha. While these pasts go up each week, I’ll most likely be on my way/at my little brother’s soccer games which makes weekends even better. This recap is full of my brothers, cute doggies, and the usual weekly antics. If you’re not following me on instagram, you should be (@Daniefaz) and if you have a blog and you’re doing Saturday Instagram posts too — grab the button on the side and link up at S’s blog. :)


Schnooks getting a save as goalie


Me and the Little Grims in an old Christmas picture


Me and the Grims at dinner


Kate Spade package: my new iPad case!!


Green tea for days.


Catching up on the new Pretty Little Liars!


Coop’s eyes got caught in the flash


The best throwback Thursday in the history of the world. I just really like Western pictures.


Bella is so teeeeeeny. :)


Bella is also so cuddly and loves belly scratches on my lunch break.

xx – Dan


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