Hearts and Daisies

I absolutely hate wearing pants. Okay, let me rephrase that: I hate wearing pants that aren’t jeans or leggings. That’s why I’m almost at work in skirts or leggings. I think a lot of pants just aren’t flattering in some way or another, but when I saw these at Old Navy I knew I had to have them because the material was so soft and they had the cutest blue daisy pattern. They remind me somewhat of J.Crew Minnie’s, but obviously way cheaper. They were so comfortable and figure flattering and hit right at the ankle (perfect for flats & heels!). They have so many other colors and patterns that I’m probably going to have to go back because they’re totally perfect for work with a sweater and button down right now and will look adorable in the spring. Oh yes and please enjoy the awkwardness of the pictures in the grass because my heels were sinking in like no other and it was so uncomfortable. haha





Sweater: J.Crew (similar) // Pants: Old Navy // Button Down: Express // Heels: Target

Nails: essie bobbing for baubles


The aftermath

xx – Dan


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