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Recently during a conversation with C of Kennedys Amongst Kardashians about some of my favorite MAC products, she suggested an amazing idea for a blogpost that I had never thought of: a beginners guide to MAC Products.  I decided to expanded that to this feature: BRANDED, a must have guide to a single brand of makeup. Because of C’s idea, I thought it was only appropriate to start with MAC Cosmetics. MAC was my first brand of makeup and I’ve tried tons of different products of theirs, so I feel like I have a pretty good idea about which ones to start out with. MAC is a great starting brand into high end makeup because the price isn’t excessive and they have one of the widest ranges of cosmetics available. Of course with this post and with any future BRANDED posts, I’m not suggesting to go run out and buy every item I’m showing. These are going to be my favorites and the ones that work for a wide variety of skin tones, eye colors, etc!



Mineralize Skinfinish Natural / Honeylove Lipstick / Russian Red Lipstick / Bombshell Lipstick / Cream Colour Base in Pearl / Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer / Gingerly Blush / Well Dressed Blush / Underage Lipglass / Naked Lunch Eyeshadow / Woodwinked Eyeshadow / Satin Taupe Eyeshadow / Cork Eyeshadow / Painterly Paint Pot

Stand Outs:

Gingerly Blush- a great neutral bronze blush that can work as a blush or a light bronzer

Cream Colour Base in Pearl- a great multipurpose product that’s a great highlighter and eye base

Cork Eyeshadow- my first MAC eyeshadow is an amazing matte shadow for all over the lid or in the crease

What are your favorite MAC products?

xx – Dan


4 thoughts on “Branded: MAC Cosmetics

  1. I love this, Danielle! Taking after something C is doing, I’m going to reward myself for working out this semester with some MAC and Lululemon purchases. I don’t have anything fron MAC, so this is a great list to help me narrow down what I want to try!

  2. Great post! I have the Mineralize skin finish powder and well dressed blush. My favorite MAC eyeshadows are Girlie and Wedge, perfect colours for contouring your eye crease. I use these two shadows with so many looks! And my favorite MAC blush is the mineralize blush in Two Virtues, its a great pink, shimmery colour perfect for evenings.

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