#PackingProblems: Carry On Challenge


I’m back again with a brand new series of #PackingProblems posts because you guessed it, I’m going on vacation next week! But this time I decided to make a new challenge for myself, I’m only going to pack a carry on bag and my Longchamp for a 5 day trip to 25 degree Reno, NV. We leave next Thursday the 17th and get back to Arizona on Monday the 21st. When we went on the cruise to Alaska in June, packing was exponentially easier (posts found here) when it was planned out, but I still overpacked. I want avoid that this time around, so I’ve been pinning packing posts like crazy. Nobody thinks I can live up to the challenge because I am usually the one with the 50 lb checked luggage on every trip. Packing for 5 days in a carry on is challenge enough, but when it’s this cold it presents a whole new set of #packingproblems of packing only the necessities when you’re also trying to stay warm.

Over the next week, you’re going to see a packing list, the clothing planning, the shoe dilemma, the makeup/skincare, and tips and tricks to maximize space.


Please don’t fail me. 

Alice + Olivia Luggage (now 70%!) // Longchamp Le Pliage Large Tote

If you have any tips or tricks or have just taken a carry on on vacation before, I’d love it if you left me a comment with some encouraging words. :)

xx – Dan


4 thoughts on “#PackingProblems: Carry On Challenge

  1. I’ve done carry on for years, and to cold places too. You really can do it.
    * create a capsule wardrobe where all the pieces go with each other to mix/match outfits.
    * decant toiletries ahead of time
    * for longer trips, do laundry
    * Layer for warmth.
    * make sure you have a wind/water proof shell on the outside
    * use long johns underneath your street clothes. Use leggings/tights for extra warmth.
    * Use dress snow boots for for walking, hiking, and fashion (good ones do it all)
    * Don’t use heavy sweaters. Instead layer with multiple layers.

  2. I wanted to get that suitcase! The deal is too good right now! But my mom wouldn’t let me because I, too, have an overpacking problem. I agree with the comment above: layer, layer, layer! That way, you can have multiple pieces that are thinner (read: take less space) than just a couple of thick sweaters. PS. Jeal that you’re taking a vacay.

    • I’m so glad I waited to get it because I almost bought it at full price. I understand that. My mom shook her head at me when she saw it in our kitchen. I think layering will be everything. You can go in V’s place. He’s dreading going. Haha

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