2013 Resolutions

It’s become fairly cliche to make a New Year’s Resolution these days because it’s common knowledge that you can rarely follow through with it. But I’ve done it every year because there’s nothing more powerful than goal setting of any kind. It always gives you something to strive for. If you look at the inspiration board above my desk, I have sticky notes of different short and long term work goals to keep me motivated throughout my week. I think Resolutions should be the same: motivation.



1. Save $5000– Seeing a number that size that you put money aside for each month/week in a savings account is so great because like most of you know I have a shopping problem that really needs to be put at bay next year.

2. Reach 100 Blog Followers– This is where y’all can help me reach one of my goals. I have 52 actual WordPress followers currently and it’s the most I’ve ever had on a blog (not tumblr). I’m planning on gaining more exposure and doing even more posts in the coming months.

3. Get an apartment– This has been a resolution since probably 2010, but I’m really optimistic that 2013 will be the year that once again, I get my spending under control and I can get the push to finally move out on my own which will be most exciting.

4. Meet Hannah– This is way more than a goal or a resolution, this is like a must. I could go on for days about my best friend, but in short she’s like my sister and we’ve never met because frankly she lives much too far for my taste. haha. But we’ve grown so close over the past three (!?!) years and it’s ABOUT TIME we finally get to meet in person.

5. Make it a habit to run at least three days a week– I do try to run at least three days a week now, but it’s the making a habit of it that’s important. Sometimes I get lazy and tell myself, oh I’ll go tomorrow or maybe later, but never do. I want to get out of this mindset and make running 3 days/week a set habit that my body expects.

6. Purchase a new DSLR camera– This is another blog centered goal because I hate my point and shoot Nikon. There’s so many things that are annoying about it and I look forward to better quality pictures for my posts.

What are some of your new year’s resolutions/goals? Post them in the comments below! :)

xx – Dan


3 thoughts on “2013 Resolutions

  1. Fantastic goals, D! I definitely want to save up money and get into shape (an overall healthier lifestyle), but since it’s my last semester of undergrad/first semester teaching, it will be tricky. I sincerely hope you meet your goal of getting an apartment! I know you will have the cutest space EVER! And of course, I cannot wait for you & Hannah to meet. That’s epic, for lack of a better word haha

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