{Gift Guide} For Boys



Girls have some irrational fear of buying a bad present for a guy, but news flash — guys aren’t hard to please. They’re not usually all that picky and their expectations are low. Sorry boys, but it’s kind of the truth. ;) It’s become somewhat of a game for me to constantly out do myself for Fancy Pants each year. I love giving really fun, unique, and unexpected gifts because those illicit the best reactions. I’m excited about all the ideas in a variety of price ranges depending on the guy that I’ve given y’all here.


Mophie Juice Pack External iPhone Battery– $34.95 / J.Crew Oxford Plaid Shirt$75 / Army Man Bottle Opener– $16 / Lorenzo Uomo Flat Knit Socks– $12.50 / Big Blue Live Bluetooth Wireless Speaker– $99.99 / Netflix 6 Month Subscription– $47.94 / Discovery Bay Games iPad Pinball Controller– $60 / Shot Roulette– $30 / Sephora Fragrance Sampler for Him– $50

xx – Dan


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