Prosciutto Basil Crostini


When Christmas rolls around there’s always at least a few parties or pot lucks and I know I always feel obligated to bring something with me. For this past weekend, it was a staff Christmas dinner potluck and I signed up for an appetizer and dessert. I wanted to make something quick, but would still be popular for everyone. Enter the simple Martha Stewart Prosciutto Basil Crostini. I doubled the recipe suggested because I had to serve 15 people. These were a huge hit and they only took me about 20 minutes altogether, so they’re an easy fast holiday party appetizer. Plus they’re so Christmas colorful and pretty to look at too!

Prosciutto Basil Crostini (makes 18 crostinis)

1 French Baguette

2 TBS EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

1 TBS Coarse Salt

Freshly Ground Pepper

36 Fresh Basil Leaves (2 for each crostini)

9 oz of Prosciutto thinly sliced

  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Cut the baguette diagonally into 1-1.5 inch thick slices. Brush each side of each crostini with EVOO and place them on a baking sheet. Season with salt and pepper.
  2. Toast crostinis in the oven for 5-6 minutes on each side until light golden. Remove from sheet and place on cooling rack.
  3. Place one or two basil leaves on each crostini. Take one thin slice of prosciutto and gently  fold and place on each one. Finish by drizzling EVOO across the crostinis and season with salt and pepper again. Serve immediately or place in air tight container.




xx – Dan


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