Weekly Instagram Round Up

weekly december insta.jpg

I’ve become quite fond of these posts to be honest. This is number 17 and it doesn’t look like I’ll be stopping this weekly feature any time soon. This past week was so great. I had a lot of fun doing the Christmas party thing a few times and getting to spend time with the people I love at care about at work and at home. Also, I spared you a few of the pictures where my hair looked EXACTLY the same multiple times. Literally it was also the weekend of the messy bun haha. Get excited to see a post on my not so perfect go to bun when I’m lazy!


$1 Target Cupcake laptop sticker!

Nicole by OPI Mer-Maid for Each Other


Fancy Pants with his new iPad Mini!!!


Driving home with the pretty sunset


Late night Sonic runs for Cherry Coke and Cherry Slushies


Sephora Haul 


Love Actually and a large Cheese Pizza


One of my verses of the day


Momma and I at Sunday breakfast (day 3 of the messy bun!)


butterLONDON British Racing Green

As always if you would like to follow me on instagram — @Daniefaz!

xx – Dan


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