Weekly Instagram Round Up

weekly december insta.jpg

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! First Monday of December! yay! I had a really really great weekend, so the week started too soon for me. But I’m excited for the Christmas parties I have this week and the different posts I’ve scheduled. I also reached 10,000 views and that was so HUGE for me! So thank you to all of you who read even sporadically, it really means so much. But if you do like what you see, please click the follow button over on the right either for Bloglovin which is on top or the follow by email a little bit below. It would mean the world to me. :) Well, onto my instagrams for the past week:


Current favorite candle: Bath & Body Works Merry Cookie

CoverGIRL blastflipstick from BzzAgent #igotitfree (Review to come this week!!!)

335748024108272134_178850209New obsessh: Pocket Planes on my iPad

335379685515152287_178850209Momma’s slippers

333601708263557946_178850209Zoo Lights at the Phoenix Zoo

335019359292573829_178850209NARS Chelsea Girls

337772021230553645_178850209Big pretty Christmas tree at the Tempe Marketplace

337109765039803174_178850209Scandal and baking Peanut Butter Chocolate Kiss cookies

xx – Dan


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