I’m quite blessed in the way that my parents have always instilled the importance of passion in life in me. Doing something without passion or drive has always been viewed as a lost cause in my eyes. I wanted to share a bit of insight into the past few years of my life and the way that passion has always been the fuel for each decision I made. It can be said that I go after most things, another lesson my parents have always taught me — if you want something you have to go after it. Nothing comes without hard work.

Each venture I went into ever since graduating high school almost four years ago was something I was completely in love with and put my whole heart into. Once I lost the passion and drive to do it, I knew it wasn’t right for me and I continued to search for what was right. Passion for what you’re doing should be the energy to get you through each day even the tough ones. I’m lucky to not only be surrounded by so much passion for life in my family, but also in my close friends. Fancy Pants is probably one of the most intensely driven people I’ve ever met and has always been a source of encouragement to really go after what I love to do. Having his support and his life as an example are such strong examples of how to really get up each day and do things to the fullest.

I know so many people who are about to graduate from college with a degree that they stuck with because they just didn’t want to quit, but now don’t (or maybe never did) love. It’s one of those scary things I will never comprehend because I never thought of myself as quitting when I was unhappy and I was never just looking for the next best thing. I was looking for MY best thing. Life is so full of opportunities and you can say well the money or the time or effort prevents me from really doing what I love, but those opportunities are only presented to you if you truly go after them even if it’s a risk. With passion comes a severe amount of risk. One of my best friends, C, quit college in his junior year to pursue his life long love of music and now is moving to Nashville to live with his band who just recorded their album. He was met with adversity in doing so, as was I when I left ASU and also culinary school. It’s hard for some people to see the rewards we’re chasing and passion we’re fueled by.

Right now I’m 21 without a college degree working in marketing really doing something I’m absolutely crazy about that I pursued that I know will give me the experience to get to my ultimate goals one day. My days are 500% better now than the days I spent working retail or sitting in culinary school filled with confusion and uncertainty because it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing. Find what you love and go after it with all the passion in the world because the feeling of knowing you’re doing what you love will surpass the struggles and adversity you receive in the process. It won’t be easy, but when you’re fueled by passion the challenges will help you to reap the rewards. I can’t stress this enough — don’t settle for a life you’re less than passionate about.

xx – Dan


2 thoughts on “Passion

  1. Your story is really inspiring, Danielle. I’m currently in the middle of figuring out what direction I want to go with my major and education. This came at the perfect time to remind me that I have to go towards something I’m passionate about even if it’s not what other people thing is the “best” choice.

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