Weekly Instagram Round Up


I’m super loving the festive header for this week and probably the rest of the holiday season. That snowman is just so adorable. I know I sound like I’m in quite the chipper mood, but I really needed just one more (maybe two) days of relaxing in bed. This weekend has been absolutely everything I’ve needed. It was so incredibly wonderful to have nothing planned and nothing pressing on my to do list. Surprisingly with all my free time I didn’t instagram much, maybe because most of my time was spent watching football (Go Gators!) and Hart of Dixie this long weekend. I hope y’all had a much deserved veg out weekend like I did. Now back to the grind of the last month of the year! December is almost here already? Wow. 

Surprise Starbucks giftcards make my day. 

Necklace from Banana Republic for my Christmas party dress!!!

Inspiration board over my desk

My view all weekend practically.

Thanksgiving dinner with more lasagna than turkey. (#Italianproblems)

My mini me – Schnooks.

Gator Bait!

Just a little bit of changing leaves. 


xx – Dan


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