Weekly Instagram Round Up


I’m ridiculously indecisive. I feel like I have a new header for this weekly feature literally EVERY week. Oh well, sorry guys until I’m satisfied you’ll see a new one all the time! :) I’m extremely exhausted this morning. I’m just trying to get through these three days and then it’s Thanksgiving and a 4 day weekend! (I have a feeling I’m not the only one!) Last week wasn’t too shabby. Lots of fun nights and a great weekend to top it off.

My first Vineyard Vines tote — all Danielle ified with the Jets print

I’ve literally abandoned my chair for this. Supposedly burns 395 calories a day…

A Grey’s Anatomy inspired constant pick me up for Han and I

No caption necessary! I’m so proud :)

Suns vs. Bulls game!

OPI The Spy Who Loved Me (a gorgeous toe color too!!)

Waiting for Breaking Dawn Part II!! Yes, I saw it at 10 pm on Thursday…

I love shopping for baby clothes

Baby Grims and I at lunch with Momma

Waking up 10 minutes after you’re supposed to be at breakfast. Y’all won’t be seeing an OOTD of this one. ha

xx- Dan


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