Desk Revamped

All empty and ready for me to attack with color and fun!

If you follow me elsewhere, you’ll know that I finally finally finaaaaallly got my own office complete with a brand spankin’ new desk. I moved all my crap from my old desk into my new office yesterday morning and it was a huge project. I had accumulated way more than anticipated, so I had to get rid of a lot of it to make room for my new deskcessories (desk accessories). It’s a work in progress for sure, but I wanted to share some of the cute new additions to my desk.

My stark white desk made it very easy to add lots of color. For the whole office I decided on a Peacock color scheme: blues, greens, and purples. I wanted the desk to be very simple with little fun additions here and there.

I loooove the Clear Magazine Files for all of my bright notebooks and folders. They help me see everything while still being sleek. I already had the glass containers for my Sharpies and my Pens/Highlighters from the Dollar store. I also added that little fancy black D from Hobby Lobby.

Those glass bottles were on sale at Hobby Lobby here and here. They come in a variety of colors, so they were easy to accent to the room. I bought some Peacock feathers to place in them to tie in the theme. I picked up the precious silver owl for a mere $5 for extra character. Those little shot glasses are perfect for thumbtacks and paperclips.

I love having a place to put my envelopes and  favorite stationary that coordinates with my magazine files. I found the Mini Message Sorter in black on the Staples website, but I found the clear in store.

I’m excited with the progress so far! There’s a lot more to be shown from my office including a few precious DIY projects I worked on, so stay tuned!

xx – Dan


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