Purple Preppy Plaid

I’m loving the mix of work and play outfits on my blog these days. I’ve had a few people ask me on tumblr if I only get dressed for work because that’s all they ever see. And no, I do still get dressed on the weekends. I’m just a lot lazier and way less put together. I’ve been trying to be more deliberate in my styling on the weekends, so we’ll see how that goes.  I’m very much a displaced Northeastern girl proved my love of plaid and riding boots. This outfit actually came about on accident because I had an overnight bag packed this weekend with these three items in there randomly. On Sunday, I woke up feeling lazy and uninspired and threw on whatever was in that bag even though I was within reach of my own closet. (Riddle me that?) Also, you guys will get to see my baby boy, Cooper, in this post because it was just too beautiful out to not take him out with me.

Sweater: J.Crew // Plaid Shirt: American Eagle // Pixie Pant: J.Crew // Boots: Target // Bag: Lonchamp

xx – Dan


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